Ever since the 2015 World Cup started, this guy has hogged the limelight just as much as MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. In fact, he’s probably appeared on TV more than the cricketers thanks to the Star Sports Mauka Mauka series. So who exactly is the Pakistani dude holding the box of fire crackers?

Well, here are 10 things about him:

1. For starters, he’s not Pakistani. He’s an Indian.

In fact, he’s a Delhiite by the name of Vishal Malhotra.

2. He’s not an uncle like he portrays in the ads.

He’s 25 years old.

3. He’s worked with Shah Rukh Khan.

Can you spot him in this Lux ONN TVC?


4. He plays a cameo in Ragini MMS 2.

He is also set to appear in ‘1920 London’.

5. He has also featured in a SonyLiv.com Boss ad, KFC’s Hot and Saucy ad and Priya Gold Biscuits ad.

He is currently shooting for a Telugu movie.

6. Vishal has an engineering degree.

He even worked for Accenture.

7. After a year, he quit his job at Accenture and enrolled himself at Balaji acting school, Mumbai.

8. The Mauka Mauka TVC was initially a one-off assignment for Vishal.

He did not feature in the second TVC. The ad makers called him back for the third one only after the first one went viral.

9. Vishal used to be overweight. He shed 40 kgs before joining the film industry.

10. After the Mauka Mauka fame, he poses for as many as 80 selfies a day.