Beers and Bros are like two sides of the same coin. They’re like Bread and Butter. Like Laurel and Hardy. Here are just a few reasons why;

1. Two things in the world never judge you. A beer and a bro.

2. A chilled beer and a chilled out bro are a must for a truly rocking party.

3. Both beers and bros stick with you through bad times AND great times.

4. Can you have a party without your bros? No. Can you have a party without beers? Uh… Nope! Thus proved.

5. Just like a bro, a beer can be a wingman too. You can’t walk up to a girl empty-handed now, can you?

6. Beers and bros have another thing in common. “More the merrier.”

7. Your loyalty to your bro is like your loyalty to your favourite beer. Unwavering, strong and awesome.

8. A bro is the perfect stress-buster. And so is a beer.

9. A good bro is like a good beer. He acts like social glue.

10. And whenever you’re out looking for a great time, all you have to do is gather your bros & grab some buds.