Bargaining comes naturally to Indians. Even if it’s a matter of just 10 Rupees, there is something special about getting a bargain. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal? It’s almost like a purchase doesn’t feel right if you didn’t have to fight for the price to be lowered and got a few bucks knocked off.

Here are 10 common lines we use while bargaining. And the best part is that they almost always work.

1. “Bhaiya, last week toh meri friend itne me lekar gai thi.”

2. “Itne me dena hai toh do.” *Fake walking away*

3. “ Nai chahie bhaiya, isse aap hi rakho.”

4. Isme aur colour nai hai? Muje toh ye colour bhi pasand nahi hai.”

5. “Piche waali dukaan pe toh ye 150 ka mil raha hai.”

6. “Itne me dete ho ke main jaoon?” *Fake walking away again…*

7. “Main hamesha aapse hi kharidti hoon, bhaiya!”

8. *While buying vegetables* “Bhaiya, thoda dhaniya mirchi bhi toh daalo iske saath.”

9. “Arre, main teen piece le rahi hoon, ab toh kam kardo.”

10. “Chalo na aapka, na mera, 100 Rs. mein de do.”

Thus proved. Indian women are bargaining geniuses.

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