“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

What we say constitutes a very small part of communication. We communicate with our bodies more than we do with our words. If you want to understand people at a deeper level, you should look for these sings:

1. The phrase “weight of the world on my shoulders” isn’t unfounded.

If you see someone whose shoulders are almost always slumped, you can be almost certain that they are weighed down by something. It is also one of the telling signs of depression.

Source: nonverbalforte.com

2. A genuine smile is in the eyes, not on the lips.

When a person smiles like they mean it, muscles around the eyes crinkle up. That’s how you can differentiate between a genuine smile and a fake one.

Source: talking-beauty.com

3. And it’s not just about the smile. Clean, white teeth show that you care about your appearance. Besides, some studies say that they make you look five years younger.

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Source: wikipedia.org

3. Stroking the neck is often a gesture of comforting oneself.

The neck is the most vulnerable part of the body. When someone is anxious or uncomfortable, stroking the neck becomes akin to pacifying oneself.

Source: torontosurgery.com

4. Our feet lead the way and can tell if the person is actually engaged in conversation or not.

When talking to someone, look at which direction their feet are pointing in. If they are pointing away from you, then they are ready to leave.

Source: body-language-of-men.com

5. If someone is leaning back while talking to you, it may mean that either they are not interested in the conversation or they feel supremely superior.

This is a relaxed posture, bordering on complacency. It shows that either the person doesn’t care much about what you are saying or feels secure in knowing that they are winning in the power dynamic.

Source: nownews.com

6. Shaking your legs or tapping your foot while sitting burns calories, sure. But it betrays your anxiety and irritation to others.

This is a body language sign which isn’t easy to miss. It immediately communicates that you are either getting annoyed or feeling nervous.

Source: greatist.com

7. A person with arms open or palms facing up while communicating usually doesn’t have anything to hide.

This is also one of the body language secrets of successful people and contributes to building trust.

Source: mashable.com

8. It isn’t only too little eye contact, but also prolonged eye contact that is often a sign that someone is lying.

If someone looks at you without blinking too much while talking, they could be lying. This is done to control and manipulate and also to counteract the common belief that liars do not make too much eye contact.

Source: fashionfresta.com

9. Constantly shifting your body weight from one leg to another usually indicates that you have many upsetting thoughts and can’t stop shifting from one to another.

Source: persuasionmagazine.com

10. It is not just nail biting that is a sign of low confidence. Compulsively picking at your cuticles also shows timidity.

Source: stogiatro.gr

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