While almost everyone will agree a Government job is steady and has its own perks, many believe they are boring and monotonous. And then there are those parents don’t want their kids to be doctors and engineers. They want their kids to ‘become IAS.’ For a lot of people, a Government job would mean IAS or being sarkari babus. Or joining the armed forces.

Well guess what, there are many other cool and exciting jobs the Government has to offer. Put on your sunglasses.

1. Photographer with the Photo Division of India

Most of the photographs published by the Press Trust of India, are taken by the photographers employed by the Photo Division of India. These photographers also travel with the convoys of Ministry of External Affairs, as well as the Prime Minister. Quite exciting, don’t you think?


2. Diplomat

By writing the exams for Indian Civil Services, you could become a diplomat for the country on foreign soil. Either that or you could work in the Indian embassies across the globe. Even North Korea.


3. Travel Writers for the Indian Embassy

You could also be a freelance travel writer, and if you’re good enough, the Indian embassy could put you in touch with the department of tourism in countries abroad. You could travel across the country, write about it and then get paid for it. How does it sound?


4. Researcher at DRDO

DRDO or Defence Research & Development Organisation, or the agency responsible for the development of technology for defence purposes has employed more than 5000 scientists, and 25000 techies solving problems related to aeronautics, armaments, electronics, land-combat tools. In short, if you want to make a missile – apply to DRDO!


5. RAW Agent

All children dream of growing up to become spies. The whole idea of living under a fake name, in a foreign country, and being ready for combat to get out of problems – is all too appealing. It requires you to be really smart, agile and be able to think on your feet. Think Arjun Rampal from D-Day.


6. Forest Ranger

If living in the middle of flora and fauna is your thing, you could try writing the exams for the Indian Forest Services for the position of a Forest Ranger. You only need to be basically aware about General Knowledge, English and elementary Mathematics. Literally, your ticket into the wild!


7. Archaeologist (ASI) or Fresco Restoration

So you’re a History aficionado, but too agile to be spend your life teaching it in school, college? Go ahead, jump into the pit. Like for real. Dig up monuments, explore newer aspects of the Indian History, or just restore the Taj Mahal. What say?


8. ISRO Scientist

The scientists responsible for the Chandrayaan and more recent Mangalyaan missions, have a tough entrance exam for students after they’ve completed 12th grade. The establishment is among the most successful space organisations in the world as of now, having launched close to 70 satellites.


9. Intelligence Bureau Officer

The oldest intelligence agency in the world, IB is for those who would like to solve puzzles for a living. Remember Nawazuddin Siddiqui from Kahaani? Yea well you gotta be sharp like him. And handle all your aliases, foreign currencies, safe houses with the panache of a veteran. You got game?


10. Cargo Auction Officer

All the airport’s lost and found, along with unclaimed baggage are free to take home whatever remains with them. This includes a whole lot of confiscated items like imported liquor, jewelry, golf kits. Fancy that?


11. Customs Officer

Quite similar to the Cargo Auction Officers, the officers in the Customs department get to take back confiscated items like imported chocolates, liquor, undeclared jewelry. They’re also the ones who prevent smuggled goods from entering into the borders of the country. Surely this?

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12. Coast Guard

If none of the above profiles are cool enough for you, then you probably could give the Coast Guards a shot. As the name suggests, they guard the Indian coasts from illegal immigrants, smuggled goods, foreign enemies and the job includes a patrolling on speed boats and hovercrafts.