“All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” – Steve Martin

Movies are sometimes a figment of imagination and sometimes a reflection of our society. They have the power to present riddles, their solutions or both in a dramatic way. We bring to you a list of movies you should watch, which will make you reconsider how you look at important social issues.

1. Before you rant about everything that is wrong with our country, watch The Great Little Indian Girls .

This short film shows how often, our actions are the problem and not the country.


2. Gir Gaya depicts the heartbreaking reality of living with mental illness and goes out to show that a little bit of understanding can go a long way.

Underneath it all, we are all the same.


3. Black Mirror is an untold story based in the rapidly developing city of Mumbai.

It is the untold story of every metropolitan city in our country. In our pursuit of prosperity, many are forgotten, many are lost.


4. The movie Positive treats the issue of AIDS in a poignant, heartbreaking manner.

You will probably finish a box of tissues during the movie. It leaves you with a mixed bag of emotions. It teaches you that dying does not have to be morbid and that death is not always the end.


5. Kumare will make you rethink faith.

How do we decide who to devote our faith to? Does their credibility really matter? Or is faith the result of a deep connection?


6. These four stories in Tu Naa Jaane Aas Paas Hai Khuda show us that our world is less skeptical, unkind and distrustful than we think.

And the true meaning of unity in diversity.

7. Well, just watch Haircut and decide for yourself.

We often forget just how diverse society is. This film shows us that all of us need to be culturally sensitive.

8. Choice will make you wonder if you really have a choice…

Is your life the result of choices you have made or your destiny?

9. Next time you come across someone you think is a creep or desperate, think about A Lonely Man .

10. The Birdman – Pride of Chennai showcases the amazing story of a camera mechanic in Chennai who feeds 4000 parrots every day!

He epitomises the idea that where greed ends, service begins.

11. Hopefully, the film Saali Khushi will shed some light on what happiness is; that elusive thing we all want!

Can we ever really achieve happiness? And if we ever do, does it stay?

12. A Drop Of Sunshine , the story of a young, dynamic girl diagnosed with schizophrenia gives us a fresh perspective on mental illness.

With the right kind of attitude and support system, someone diagnosed with a mental illness can live a functional, fulfilling life… just like anybody else!


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