Let’s face it. Men in India don’t exactly have the best rep. And the sad truth of the matter is that due to the actions of a set of unscrupulous and insensitive idiots, a lot of decent dudes have to face the music both at home and abroad. In celebration of International Men’s Day, here are a few things Indian men would like the world to know.

1. Not all of us “are the same.”

For every pervert out there, you’ll find tonnes of guys who respect women and treat them right.

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2. There are many of us who make excellent brothers, fathers, boyfriends and husbands.

And it feels unfair when we’re judged harshly due to the thoughtless and often heinous actions of others.

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3. Contrary to what is often said about us, we actually do make great friends.

Ask any girl who has a guy BFF. She’ll vouch for it!

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4.We don’t like getting married to strangers either.

It works both ways you see. We’d rather date someone and find out what they’re all about before we take the big plunge.

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5.We might not admit it, but under all that swagger and bravado, we’re quite sensitive.

Think of us like coconuts, rough and tough on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside.

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6.Chivalry may be dead. But here in India, quite a few of us are bringing it back from the grave.

Now, more than ever, you’ll see guys holding doors open and pulling seats out for their lady loves.

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7. We love our Mums. But that doesn’t mean we’re all Mama’s Boys.


8. We’re as crazy about football as we are for cricket.

And the football mania is on the rise!

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9. A lot of us hate getting into fights.

Because the last time we checked, getting threatened, punched and kicked or vice versa was not a regular person’s definition of fun.

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10. When we become Dads, we’d be proud if we’d be blessed with a baby girl.

And hope that others would be blessed with the same joy as well.

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11. And if we’re blessed with sons, we’d be equally proud.

To raise a generation of men who know what it is to respect their elders, respect women and most of all, respect themselves.

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12. More and more of us are discovering what it really means to be a “man.”

Helped along no doubt by our caring sisters and mothers as well as our loving wives and girlfriends!

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13. We will help raise a generation for whom equality will be a right, not a privilege.

To our sons, we will teach humility, decency and kindness. And to our daughters, in addition to the same, we will leave behind the essential courage to be who they are and not just demand respect, but command it.

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14. It’s a common belief that we are unkempt and care the least about how we dress. But when we want to, we can suit up to look our best.

True story!

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Peter England celebrates International Men’s Day. Here’s your chance to join in and make your voice heard through the comments. Tell us more about the awesome things the world needs to know about Indian men. Here are some points our readers suggested:

1. We may devour food like we’re always famished but some of us can cook too.

We can win hearts with our skills in the kitchen!

2. Not all of us are Mama’s boys. Some of us are Daddy’s boys too.

After all, it’s Men’s day and our Fathers are also men!

3. Thanks to all the stereotypes, it is difficult for us to show our sensitive side.

The world needs to understand we are not emotional-less chauvinists! We are much more!

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4. We are more than just Software Professionals!

Please see us for who we are!

5. We too, are targeted by television ads and fashion norms!

“Fair and handsome”, “Tall, dark and handsome”, Would you still say women are the only ones being victimized here?

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6. We are compassionate and loyal and would do anything for the people we love.

Whether we are broke, out of job or emotionally unwell, when it comes to our closest friends and family we will go out of our ways to help them out.

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