None of us really ever know when alcohol becomes a problem for us once we start drinking. Maybe after a million hungover self-made promises of “never again”, one might get tired of drinking… for a couple of days… and then we’re suddenly back, grinding with sweaty men, trying to pay for our booze at the theka.

Of course people all across the globe have different tastes in alcohol and drink in varying capacities. An example for varying capacity; a ‘ Patiala peg’ in India is probably considered a shot in Ireland.

With that said, here are some statistics on the booziest nations in the world and how we match up to them.

15. India

As you will see, the litres of alcohol consumed by Indians per capita is minuscule as compared to others on this list, but, that doesn’t stop India from guzzling down half of the world’s whiskey every year.

We love our spirits as much we love spirituality. In Delhi, the youth has vastly varied taste buds. Some like beer, some like whiskey, some like rum and then some even like Vodka… four bottles at a time too.

Even though Gujarat and Kerala both have now placed bans on Alcohol, you can be rest assured that the other metros will not belittle their boozing binges.

14. Jamaica

There is more to Jamaica than just sandy beaches, Bob Marley and weed. It also makes some of the sweetest rum in the world. And they play cricket too.

A very popular carbonated beverage called ‘Ting’ is mixed with some rum to make ‘Ving’, an alcoholic version of the same drink. Hmmm. All that weed and rum takes a bit away from creativity I suppose. That’s alright though, It ain’t nothing but a G ting.

Also, they make some of the best mixers in the world, including names such as ‘Flaming Bob Marley’ or ‘Slow Death’ . Sounds like a plan!

13. Colombia

When someone mentions Colombia, people around the world unfortunately remember Pablo Escobar and cocaine. Fortunately, for some others that sounds like a neat party.

So if you’re one of those in the latter category, I suggest you dab a little into the ‘fire water’ or as they know it, ‘Aguardiente’, for an equalizing combination.

Or if ‘fire water’ doesn’t sound appetizing to you, you may wanna check out this list.

12. China

China accounts for about 22% of the world’s population. Thus, some studies show that they drink more than Brits and Australians .

Drinking alcohol in China is one of the most effective ways of building links in work, family or relationships. For thousands of years it has been part of their culture and seen as a symbol of happiness and used in celebrations.

Also, government officials consume it right before they draw out their national map every year. Here is what they’re drinking!

11. Italy

If there is any country in the world that matches up to ours in terms of richness in culture or cuisine, it has to be Italy. Italians are known for their incredible taste in food as well as wine.

In fact, some of their wines are fit enough for even the Pope to consume. If you want to know a little bit more about which wine would suit us ordinary folk, check out this list .

10. Brazil

Due to the rise in family income as well as economic development, the consumption of Alcohol has also shot up. 56% of all alcoholic drinks sold in the country are consumed by 20% of the citizens who drink, according to some studies .

Their most popular drink is Caipirinha, which is also their national cocktail, and is made with a combination of sugar and lime. If you want to try out some other drinks, check this link out.

9. United States of America

When in the 20’s American government banned alcohol, depression followed, for alcoholics as well the economy. To date, many adjudicators cite this prohibition era of America as a reason for not banning alcohol in their country or state.

Prohibition in America gave rise to underworld crime syndicates, vastly decreased tax collections, as well as lowered fun quotients at most parties statewide.

Grab a bud , frat-boy.

8. Canada

Somehow, the Canadians beat their brothers to the south when it comes to alcohol consumption. It seems unlikely when you think of the difference in population, however you must keep in mind that most of Canada is a lot colder than most of America… Also, many more Punjabis there.

Canada’s most popular beer is Budweiser . They also smoke a lot of weed, as they have the biggest celebration of April 20th (or ‘420’ day) in the world. They know the bud’s wiser.

7. United Kingdom

Of course a lot of you were wondering when this country was going to make an appearance. Given that, they are notorious for their Pub culture all around. This is where they lose their gentlemen stereotype, and start breaking pint glasses in order to alert their tables’ server.

Why wouldn’t they drink though? They have the best hangover cure in the world – The English breakfast! Or as we Indians know it, the Jain families’ nightmare.

Have a nice glass of ale… piss-warm or otherwise.

6. Germany

Ah, yes, the home to the Oktoberfest, a tradition going from 1811 in Bavaria, Germany is one of the biggest beer loving countries in the world. That and sausages, cakes and coffee.

6 million people from around the world go to Oktoberfest , to drink, to ferment, to sin, etc… It’s like the reverse of the Kumbh Mela, except you have more chances of getting lost while on those beer goggles.

Go ahead and buy a Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier beer. The guy who named it that probably should have waited till the ethanol was completely out of his system.

5. Australia

We have finally arrived at a beer drinking country! Even though more recently, the trend in Australia seems to be shifting towards wine drinking… still, Indians and most other people worldwide would likely consider Fosters as being Australia’s favourite beer.

To give you perspective on how much they really appreciate the booze, check this out – Their ex prime minster, Mr. Robert Hawke once guzzled down 1.4 litres of beer in 11 seconds…

And then, he became Prime Minister.

4. France

The French love their wine more than any other wine in the world. Wine is used to wash down almost all their meals. Despite the fact that they lose wine taste tests year in and year out, they remain guzzling their domestic vineyards wine.

France is probably where the term “wining and dining” emanated. Or maybe it is a colloquial term used to describe toddlers eating food they don’t like.

Chateauneuf-du-Pape is the wine to try over there. I’m so glad I had to just type that word and not pronounce it.

3. South Korea

Like their Eastern European cousins, Koreans also drink like it’s a competition or a sport. Koreans drink to know one another in long-drawn shot guzzling sessions. They believe that the best way to know another person is to get drunk together with them.

The most popular drink is called “Soju” , which is cheap as well as strong. It is akin to our Old Monk. Also the nomenclature of the drink itself shows that Koreans wanna get drunk and pass out soon.

Korean: Yaar , thoda Soju pila de. Phir so jaunga

2. Russia

As of 2012, 30.5% of all deaths in Russia were due to consumption of alcohol. According to The Lancet, a British medical journal, “Russian males have extraordinarily high rates of premature death . Incidents like road rage, drunk driving etc., have been rampant.

Till some time back, drinking and driving in Russia was hardly considered a crime by society, it was taken more like a challenge.

Go there and take huge Vodka shots between meals, my friend. Something’s gotta keep you warm when you go horse riding shirtless in the freezing cold.

1. Belarus – 17.5 litres per capita

Belarus has the highest consumption of alcohol per capita in the world. Also, while this percentage seems steep enough, the Belarusian males drink up to 27.5 litre per capita . The only thing they save for the females I guess is the chakhna.

1.8% of the whole population is alcoholics. and only about 11% of the population abstains from alcohol completely… Those must be the Brahmin Belarusians. They also have the highest alcohol related deaths in the world at 34.7%

It is part of the “Vodka Belt” of Europe and it’s most popular drink is Zubrovka, a dry, herb flavoured Vodka.

So if you’re one of those people who keep their emotions bottled up, I suggest you travel to any of the above, open up a bottle and let those emotions out.