There are certain things in the world that just lift your mood instantly. Some are specific, but a lot are universal. There isn’t much to explain about them. Just that when you experience these things, life feels that much better. Here are a few:

1. Walking barefoot on grass. Pure heaven.


2. The smell of rain. Especially during the height of summer.


3. The moment you walk out of a frigid, air conditioned building into the sweet summer warmth.


4. Sinking into clean, pristine bed sheets after a long day at work.


5. When your food arrives, just as you look around to ask for it.


6. Wearing a shirt that’s still warm from the iron.


7. When your stomach hurts like crazy and a single burp makes it all better. Life is chill.


8. Entering the house to the smell of home cooked food.


9. When you get a seat in the metro on the long ride home.


10. Waking up only to realise you can sleep for an hour more. Bliss.


11. Finally finding something you thought that you’d lost.


12. Having a warm shower after an awesome workout.


13. Waking up early and catching the sun-rise.


14. Unexpectedly finding yourself in a place where you can see all the stars in the night sky.


15. Eating a big tub of Mother Dairy ice cream all by yourself. Just a spoonful has a taste that lifts you.

We don’t even realise it, but these are the things that just lift us up and make life that much better.

This article is sponsored by Mother Dairy.