When it comes to holiday destinations, there is no shortage of places to pick, especially in our country. In fact there are quite a few destinations, that most of us probably haven’t even heard of, or thought of going to. So the next time you plan your vacation, you might want to take a pick from one of these destinations:

1. Athirappilly Falls, Kerala

Cascading down through three separate and gorgeous plumes from a height of 390 feet, Athirappilly Falls is the largest waterfall in Kerala. Situated in Thrissur district, it is often referred to as the ‘Niagara of India’ and the area around Athirappilly is blessed with a thriving eco-system.


2. Lepchajagat, West Bengal

Situated just 68 kms away from bustling Siliguri, Lepchajagat is about as close as you get to the hill stations of Mussoorie or Shimla, minus the suffocating crowd.


3. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Ironically, the town that’s the biggest producer of coffee in the country is also the place to head to for some well deserved R n’ R. The home of Mullayanagiri, the highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris, Chikmagalur is just acres and acres of green meeting blue.


4. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

Built in the 11th century, Mandu is a ruined city situated in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh, just 35 kms away from the city of Dhar. The site of many a bloody battle, it has had numerous rulers through the ages. Now though, it’s a far more peaceful place and is home to some of the finest examples of 11th century architecture and quite a few lovebirds. Make love not war, eh?


5. Mainpat, Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh

Popularly known as Mini Tibet because of the number of Tibetans staying there, Mainpat is also home to Tiger Point. One of a kind, Mainpat is a picturesque forested town located on top of a jungle plateau.


6. Horsley Hills, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

A summer hill resort situated in district of Chittoor, the gorgeous Horsley Hills overlooks the pristine Lake Gangotri and has all the attractions of a typical hill station, with one very crucial addition. Zorbing!


7. Deer Park, Alugunoor, Telangana

A beautiful 30 acre stretch of untouched land, Deer Park is located next to the Lower Manair Dam. It is home to more animals than the name suggests and is the perfect place for some animal sight seeing.


8. Banswara, Rajasthan

The princely city of Banswara was originally founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh. Apart from its rich cultural heritage, Banswara is also called the ‘City of a Hundred Islands’ because of the numerous beautiful islands peppering the city’s vein that is the Mahi River.


9. Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

Like most cities of antiquity, Dhar was primarily a military city. Now however, it is proving to be a popular tourist destination. Thankfully, not too popular yet. Jheera Bagh Palace, which was renovated in the 1940s, and the Dhar Fort are the more visited sites in the city.


10. Auroville, Puducherry

The City of Dawn as it’s also called, Auroville isn’t just a popular destination for tourists looking to have fun. Essentially it’s a retreat, an escape for a few days from the crazy blur we call life.


11. Adoni, Andhra Pradesh

Initially built as a military base for the mighty Vijayanagara Empire, all that remains of that once powerful dynasty is the ruined, yet still beautiful Adoni Fort. Fun fact: Adoni Fort has secret tunnels that connect it to the Bellary and Hampi Forts.


12. Dharampur, Himachal Pradesh

Located on the highway from Chandigarh to Shimla, Dharampur has long been overlooked has holiday goers scrambled for the more well known thrills of Shimla. With all the comforts and advantages of Shimla, minus the holiday crowd, this tiny hill town has its own charm.


13. Sultanpur Lodhi, Punjab

Founded in the 1st century AD, Sultanpur Lodhi is probably one of the oldest cities in country. Which is ironic considering how it still manages to surprise most of us with it’s breathtaking beauty. It is home to eight major Gurudwaras and holds a high significance in Sikh history,


14. Paradip, Odisha

Normally associated with ports and refineries, we’ve all read about Paradip in our textbooks. But the books neglected to the mention the pristine beach this town is home to.


15. Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli

A former Portuguese colony, Silvassa is the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is also just perfect for a weekend getaway.


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