15 is a very confusing age to be. You feel you’re not a kid anymore, so it’s all the more infuriating that everyone around you still treats you like one. You feel you’re ready to conquer the world but you also know there’s a whole lot of things for you to learn and understand. And in our hurry to grow up, we end up doing stupid things we later regret. So here are 15 cheat codes to life that you are better off knowing at 15 so that the road ahead is a wee bit simpler:

1. We all feel lonely; it isn’t going to last forever.

All of us go through patches in our lives when we feel that no one understands us. It’s only a matter of time till we find people with similar tastes and get along with them like a house on fire.


2. It’s better having a few close friends than many acquaintances.

Soon we come to realize that all of us need a few friends we can have fun with and also share our darkest secrets with.


3. There’s no need to hurry into a relationship. It will happen when the time comes.

Contrary to what Bollywood says, your life needn’t revolve around that one person, there is a lot more to teenage life than you think.


5. There is nothing wrong with the ‘friend zone’.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to end up dating every person you take a fancy to. And in the search for a relationship, you should not give up on people who could make really awesome friends. Accept the fact that they don’t feel the same way and hang out anyway.


5. It’s okay to cry.

We all need to vent at some or the other time, it’s fine to do so. You don’t have to try and be strong always. The more you try to hold on, the harder it will get. So just let go.


6. Don’t fall for peer pressure.

Just because others around you are doing something does not mean that you also have to. Also, chocolates give you more comfort than cigarettes. You don’t have to smoke because others around you are. And no, it’s not cool to smoke.


7. We’re all laughed at once in a while. It’s okay to be laughed at and to laugh at yourself.

Sometimes you’re the joker, sometimes you’re the joke. Learn to laugh with your friends if they crack a joke on you. It won’t do any harm and you’ll be happier if you take yourself lightly.


8. Pimples and facial hair don’t make you ugly.

You’re growing up, puberty has hit you. Everyone has pimples, and facial hair? Haven’t we always had some?


9. Your clothes don’t define your character.

It’s up to you to wear what you want to. It’s not your clothes but your personality that defines you.


10. Math isn’t important; you can do well without it.

It’s a norm. Don’t take math if you don’t like it just because you’ve been asked to do so.


11. Work hard; don’t be worried about the results.

If you’ve put in your all and tried your best, you will do well if you believe in yourself.


12. Your grades don’t decide your future.

One board result doesn’t decide your future. Life goes on and so do you.


13. Failure is normal, it’s important to keep trying.

All of us fall. If you fall seven times, you get up eight. One setback doesn’t dictate the path you walk. But the fact that you chose to get up and walk again will decide how far you reach.


14. It’s okay to be confused.

We’re all confused; about what stream to choose, or who we like or what they’ll say. It’s perfectly fine.


15. Listen to your parents. They want the best for you.

We all go through that phase where we feel that our parents just don’t understand us. But they too were once kids; they’ve been down this road too. So it’s important to listen to what they’re saying. After all, they always want the best for us.


We all have questions, we all have anxieties and we all have insecurities. But what’s teenage life without a few problems, eh?