"Simplicity is the ultimate form of fashion." - Leonardo da Vinci

In every area of our lives, we look for comfort more than anything else. We want comfortable working hours, an office which is not too far from home, a car which is smooth to drive, and a relationship which doesn't add more drama to our lives. Our need for comfort is now also reflecting in the kind of fashion trends we follow. As tees replace diamonds as a girl's best friend, what we are faced with now is a transformation of the fashion world, with casual becoming the new chic.

Aeropostale , one of America's leading casual wear brands, recently opened their first store in Delhi. Launched by none other than the fashion Goddess Sonam Kapoor, and preceded by AeroFest - a musical evening with performances by Anoushka + Band and the Aero CREW, this new store in town goes out to show how casual is taking over the fashion world!

1. As the fashionista showed all of us at the launch, flannels have become a must have!

@sonamkapoor has coined a new term, AeroChic. Doesn't she look gorgeous in this super comfy casual look? To get this look, shop at #AeropostaleIndia today! #Repost @sonamkapoor with @repostapp. ・・・ #Repost @namratasoni ・・・ So casual so easy but perfection @sonamkapoor for @aeropostale_ind #easywaves #hair #bohohair #makeup #redlips #burgundy @celebrity

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2. Dressing up for date night is out of fashion. Just put together an ensemble like this and you're good to go!

Just your guy next door. #AeropostaleIndia

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3. Torn jeans have made a come back, and so have headaches for moms who don't get it.

Doesn't @santushi_thestyledge look fabulous? #Repost @santushi_thestyledge with @repostapp. Saturday fix for me is all about comfort! Off to my friend's house to work on my thesis

4. As have jackets like this one...

Our stylish Aero Style Council member, Abhinav, dressed in Aèropostale! Doesn't he look amazing? #AeropostaleIndia

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5. Winter means hoodie time...

@heisgotthestyle from our Aero Style Council is ready for winter! Are you? #AeropostaleIndia #Repost @heisgotthestyle with @repostapp. ・・・ Another shot featuring the arrival of one of the most awaited brands in India. #BeAero #ILuvAeropostale #SupIndia @aeropostale_ind @aeropostale Photographed by @mihir_jhaveri #HeIsGotTheStyle #Men #Menswear #Mensfashion #MenWithClass #MenWithStyle #OOTD #OOTDMen #Lookbook #HelloFall #Mumbai #India #IndianBlogger #IndianFashion

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6. And time for cosy sweaters...

get cozy.

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7. Bright and colourful dresses have replaced the LBD.

it's a great day for a new dress.

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8. And outfits like this one...

Behind the scenes with @anushkadisco. She's ready to hit the stage! Are you? #AeropostaleIndia #ILoveAeropostale

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9. Clothing stores are increasingly looking like casual wardrobes.

No fuss!

employee discount sale is here! pay what we pay (& you don't even have to fold sweaters!) start with our lowest sale price and take an extra 30% off everything- no exclusions! #useourdiscount

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10. Crop tops like this one are a sign that casual chic is the new style statement!

light up the night.

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11. And this is great for a day out with your girlfriends!

Just ONE day to go! Are you excited Delhi? #AeropostaleIndia #Repost @delhifashionblogger with @repostapp. ・・・ Chilling like a villain! With @aeropostale_ind gear and my natural habitat! Haha Absolutely love how soft and comfortable the clothes are! Only 1day to go for the launch!! #Delhifashionblogger #Indianvlogger #indianyoutuber #Indianyoutubers #Youtubers #Aeropostaleindia #BeAero

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12. If you wear this to work, no one will report you to the HR.

Watch @santushi_thestyledge pose in our favourite Aeropostale jacket! Isn't it wonderful? #AeropostaleIndia #beaero #Repost @santushi_thestyledge with @repostapp. ・・・ Sipping my coffee while enjoying the feel of my #Aeropostale jacket! @aeropostale_ind #aeropostaleindia #supindia #beaero##TheStyledge Location : @dibellacoffeein

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13. We have a newfound love for graphic tees and tank tops.

Down to the final countdown! #AeropostaleIndia #SonamAtAero #Repost @santushi_thestyledge with @repostapp. ・・・ #3 days for #Aero in #India!!!#beaero #supindia #aeropostaleindia #Aeropostale #TheStyledge #aboutalook #basics #white #denim #love #stud #Nyc

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14. Painfully formal stilettos have been replaced by shows like these...

take 5. @refined_couture

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15. For a generation that wears its heart on its sleeve, casual soothing is as honest as it gets!

Back to basics! #AeropostaleIndia

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