Have you become invasive in your beau’s life? Do you check on her multiple times a day? A relationship is a two-way street, both the partners need to put in their share of work to make it successful. However, there are a few pointers which could save your relationship from going South even before it begins. Read on to find out more:

1. Checking your partner’s text messages

So you check your partner’s text messages? You might be cool with it, but a lot of people actually think that’s an uncool thing to do. You’ve got to respect the other person’s privacy, and if you get too invasive with his/her phone – you’ve got to prepare yourself for a break-up.

2. Sharing too much too soon

So you’ve begun sharing your idiosyncrasies, things you like, dislike. All kinds of information is just flowing out of yourself and you can’t control it. You’ve got to sit back, rest and pause. Too much information can freak the other person out, and your relationship could be in jeopardy before you can say ‘Malai Kofta’.

3. Being too clingy all the time

He/she just got out of work and they immediately get a call from you asking what the plan for tonight is? Or even worse you’ve been texting him/her throughout the day about what the plan is for the evening? High probability, they will want to head back home and end the relationship in a few extreme cases.

4. Cheating on him/her

Cheating on your partner in any way is unpardonable. Even if you lose yourself in the moment and kiss another person, it spells the end of your relationship – unless you conceal it. Which only makes things worse eventually.

5. A condescending attitude towards your partner

It is very important that the two people in a relationship share equal respect for each other. A condescending attitude, where one partner looks down upon the other is unacceptable, and could momentarily end your relationship if either of them feel they’re being disrespected on a continuous basis.

6. Planning too far ahead too soon

So you’ve begun dating only a week ago, and he has married you in his head, thought of where you guys will head for your honeymoon and what the kids will be called? Anyone would get freaked out by that, so it’s important to take it slow. Rush things and get ready to say goodbye to your relationship.

7. Getting caught while you’re stalking your ex

Awkward! When you’re going through the FB timeline of your ex and your partner catches you red-handed. Of course it doesn’t have to lead to a break-up immediately, but it will plant the seed and things will get a little tense after this.

8. Being too familiar with the people in your beau’s life without having met them

So you meet his friends for the first time, and you know all their names by heart. How? You stalked all his friends on social media and even know about their girlfriends after looking at their Instagram feed. Knowing things so intimately is not the coolest thing to do and might freak some people out. Be careful, or your relationship could be in danger.

9. Over-analysing too much

So on a parting note she said “We’ll meet again when I get time” – is she bored of me? Did she intentionally add the part ‘when I get time’? Is she ever gonna meet me again? What if she doesn’t? Over-analysing things can create confusion for the both of you. If you go ahead with questioning everything, it could feel like you’re smothering the other person. Lots of relationships end because of this.

10. Obsessing over the relationship too much

So you have one picture together and she sends it to you umpteen times in different filters and says I love you, a lot. Signs of her obsessing over you. And this could very easily make anyone squeamish and cause them to run away from the relationship. You gotta optimise it.

11. Being too pessimistic about everything

Oh how the movie sucked the life out of you. The food at the restaurant was so bad, that you had to leave half of it untouched. And what is wrong with people all round – negativity begets negativity. No one likes to be around a person so all out pessimistic about everything, and they would leave you by yourself if you don’t mend your ways soon enough.

12. Throwing tantrums and thinking it’s cute

We should eat at that new place, that opened up near my workplace. I want a designer bag for my birthday. We should go out on long drives, finish your work quickly no! There’s a limit till when you can tolerate someone’s tantrums and if it doesn’t stop soon enough, it’s going down for sure.

13. Having the ‘relationship talk’ too soon

So you’ve already begun asking questions about ‘where is it going?’ only a month after the first date. Too soon to pop a question, it would definitely freak the hell out of the other person. And that’s never a good sign…

14. Falling for the other person, too early in the relationship

Saying ‘I love you’ too early in the relationship can be a deal-breaker. You’ve only gone out for a month and he/she has professed their undying love for the other person – that freaks certain people out. And they get cold feet about going ahead with the relationship. Number 1 in the don’ts.

15. Being overly jealous

No relationship can survive where either or both of them cannot trust each other, or get too jealous too easy. Such a relationship is more or less certain to go down as a failed one. You gotta have faith!

So here you have the pointers to keep in mind when you’re dating next time. Don’t fuck it up, good luck!