Gym. Some love it. Some don't. In gyms abroad, people have a tenacious and aggressive attitude towards fitness. For them hitting the gym is like the training scene in Rocky! But in an Indian gym, apart from fitness, you experience a lot of other gems.

Here's a list of 15 things you'll experience only in an Indian gym.

1. Lifting weights to tracks from Aashiqui 2.

2. Have trainers who are the epitome of unfit!

3. Creepy uncles who stare at women while they work out.

4. Creepier uncles who wear ‘’shorts’’ three sizes too small for them.

5. Helper boys who’ll give unsolicited professional bodybuilding advice to you.

6. Trainers whose favorite exercise is flirting with gym members.

7. Guys who are in complete Nike gear but end up working out only for half an hour.

8. People who are more interested in clicking selfies than working out.

9. People who plug in the gym speakers to their phones because they feel they own the gym.

10. People who can’t get enough of the mirror.

11. Sneaky assholes who camp under air conditioners so that no one else can cool down.

12. People who hog machines for an hour singing out their workout aloud.

13. Super sweaty guys who use machines without putting a towel down first.

14. Workout cards that have horrendous typos like ‘byseps’ and ‘latiral raice’.

15. DUST! Oh so much goddamn DUST!