Indians love travelling. Estimates show, the number of Indian travellers flying abroad for various purposes has shot up in recent years considerably. However, for Indians, wherever they go, funny, typical things happen. Here’s a list of Indian traveller’s déjà vu!

1. How you feel in a non-English speaking nation.

And when you find someone who does!

2. Getting used to the different weathers of the world is just too much.

3. Every phone call is exactly 20 seconds long. And matrix card is such a bitch!

4. E ating the same kind of food over & over again

5. And finally spotting an Indian restaurant!

6. Also ladies & gentlemen, it is right here that you pay 300 rupees for just 2 rotis.

7. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll experience a phenomenon every day. It’s called ‘total & utter disappointment’

8. It breaks your heart to shell out 1 Lac Gandhis and get just 1500 Washingtons back.

9. Taking cabs is an expensive affair. Hence walking. A hell lot of walking.

10. The feeling of drinking straight from the tap knowing you won’t die.

11. The Washrooms. – Y U No have water !

12. Finding a swarm of fellow Indians at all important attraction spots, so not your scene.

13. An almost obese luggage bag once returning because…relatives, that’s why.

14.Coming back home & actually feeling like a foreigner for the next 1 month. The stories, the memories.

15. And finally the after-trip depression & the pangs of real life.