Since the beginning of mankind, the fight between shoes and slippers has been raging on. Why would anyone take the trouble of wearing something as complicated as shoes on their feet when they can easily slip into a pair of slippers? At least, that’s what we slipper-lovers feel. Here are 17 signs you love your slippers more than anything else.

1. Creative field is one of your career options because you’ve heard they can work in their slippers.

2. You hate going trekking and hill-climbing because that means you’d have to get out of your slippers.

3. You write long scathing FB posts against clubs that don’t allow you to enter wearing slippers!

4. For you slippers are the evolution of footwear. Shoes take 1 min to wear. Slippers take 2 sec. So, what’s better?

5. And don’t even get us started on shoes with intricate laces. That takes almost 4 minutes!

6. The main reason you stay away from playing sports is because playing in slippers can lead to unpleasant results!

7. Can you imagine going to a temple wearing shoes? Nightmare!

8. According to you, feet are meant to be free. That’s the reason you don’t understand the concept of socks!

9. You are often told by shoe-loving people “Aaj toh jute pehen ke aa jaata”.

10. You feel even Mother Nature is a shoe wearer otherwise how can you explain winters?

11. You might own 5 pair of shoes, but you wear your single pair of slippers more often.

12. Slippers always have way cooler designs than shoes!

13. You feel the combination of shirt, jeans and slippers is a match made in heaven.

14. You have this expression when people say slippers can never be formal!

15. They are the easiest to get into and the easiest to get out of.

16. You can wear your slippers indoors, outdoors, at the beach, in the sea and pretty much anywhere. ‘Nuff Said.

17. And lastly, this is how you  like to sit. At all times.