A village near Gaya, south Bihar seems to have a rather interesting tradition: cracking the IIT entrance exam. This year, a whopping 18 students from the village have managed to secure a place in the esteemed institution by clearing the exams. Remarkably, one of these students is a girl – a first for the village.

The declining power loom industry has spurred on the people of this village to take education more seriously. In fact, they have managed to form a rather conducive study circle for themselves!

“Every year, at least 10 students from the village clear this exam,” said Rahul Kumar, who ranked 980 in the exam this year. “The environment here is so good that everyone studies together, everyone helps each other out if there is any difficulty.”


In the absence of good schools, education and amenities – these villagers have deviced a unique system of their own to help students perform well in the exams regularly. Successful candidates from the previous years help students appearing for the exam ace the entrance. In fact, they have even set up an NGO to help themselves through the process.

Guidance, notes and even study material are passed on from senior to junior. While many have relatives who have successfully passed out of IIT and made a career for themselves in the U.S. others continue to learn from example and perform equally well and even better.

Well, that’s hard work and grit for you!