Be it a house party or a night at a club, drinking with friends is awesome. You’re listening to music, dancing, chilling with people, you wish the party would never end annnd… massive hangover the next morning.

The morning after the night when you dowsed yourself in alcohol can be tough for some, especially if you have plans on the only off day you get in the entire week. Here are 20 super simple ways to ensure that you’re prepared for the morning after and that massive, stomach-writhing, head-pounding ache.

1. Drink lots of water.

Alcohol dehydrates your body, so the more you hydrate yourself through water, the better you will feel. Try to do this before you pass out the night before, or make it the first thing you do when you wake up.


2. Lime (in any form)

Lime contains the very important Vitamin C (Citric acid) which helps in hydrating you with salts and nutrients to make your head lighter.


3. Fruit Juice

Just like lime, fruit juice contains Vitamin C which helps a lot with recovering from the severe headache.

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4. Wholegrain breads

Wholegrain breads soak up all the residue alcohol that might be in your system, and help minimize the effect of the hangover.


5. Peppermint Tea

Studies show that peppermint tea reduces that feeling of nausea, the morning after you have booze running out of your ears. Eases stomach-ache and deceases nausea.


6. Honey

For those with a sweet-tooth, you should know that scientists have proved the honey effectively breaks down alcohol and thus facilitates as an important agent to battle hangovers.


7. Apple

Apples replenish the nutrients and minerals which you had lost because of the heavy drinking last night. Should ease out the effects of the wild night!


8. Eggs

Eggs are the typical breakfast option that helps cope with the accumulated alcohol in your system – they contain large amount of Vitamin B which stabilizes blood sugar and flushes out the toxins.


9. Quinoa

The South-American grain which is slowly growing in popularity in India, among the affluent classes replenishes the amino acids lost due to excessive drinking, and thus making hangover much more tolerable.


10. Milk

Vitamin B happens to be one of the major constituents of cold milk, drink it as it will soothe liver problems.


11. Paracetamol

Pop a paracetamol for instant-relief, if the head-ache gets too unbearable. It has fewer side-effects in comparison to the popular choice ‘aspirin’.


12. Black Coffee

Firstly replenishes the fluid balance in your body, since alcohol generally dries up your body. And the caffeine hit makes sure you can focus on the chores without too much of a lag.


13. Engage in an activity

It might sound tough when your head and stomach are aching like hell! But go out for a run, walk in the park, engage in some activity that will take your mind off the aches.


14. Gatorade or any other sports drink

As mentioned earlier, alcohol ejects a lot of the water + minerals out of your body. Gatorade or sports drinks make sure the fluid and mineral balance is restored.