Advertising is a fascinating job. Ad makers get to make really interesting ads that get a lot of attention and win a lot of awards. But ads with social messages are a different ballgame altogether. An ad telling someone not to do this or why that is bad is never appealing. Nobody likes such ads.

But sometimes, the advertisers turn these limitations into challenges and come up with socially relevant ads that are so good that even they grab a lot of eyeballs. Here are 21 socially relevant print ads which redefine creativity:

3. This ad about corruption makes its point perfectly.

4. Here is a powerful Save The Children ad.

5. The corresponding image is guaranteed to catch your attention!

6. This ad cleverly illustrates the theme of a joint account.

7. How about a device that helps you light a cigarette and yet will want to make you quit smoking!

8. The importance of donating eyes.

9. This ad will make you want to adopt a child.

10. Another ad about donating eyes!

11. An election campaign that is powerful and well conceptualised.

12. Too powerful to be ignored!

13. This peace initiative is in your face.

14. After watching this, no one will talk on the phone while driving!

16. An eye-catching campaign against superstition!

17. This HCG anti-smoking ad is striking.

18. The message is simple: drunk driving kills!

19. What a divine ad!

20 . Sanskara’s campaign is easy on the eye!

21. What a simple illustration about keeping the city clean!