So, let me guess. You are reading this sitting in the four-walled room of your office, tired of following your boss’s orders, stuck in the monotony of this virtual generation, cribbing about how boring your life has become. Months, weeks and years pass, but you still can’t shake off the feeling. Right?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Welcome aboard the Twenty-Something’s-Ambitious-Express. We want to do so many things that we end up taking a nap instead. Here’s a polite reminder to get going for all you 20-somethings. Let’s strike off as many things from this bucket list before we hit the big 25 mark. Here are 25 things everyone must do before turning 25:

1. Live alone.

Whether it is for a month or a year, living alone is an experience like no other and teaches you a lot about life. Rent a house, or just a room – the size doesn’t matter.

2. Travel solo to a foreign land.

While travelling with friends is great too, make sure you try to travel abroad on your own before you get tied down with jobs, family and responsibilities. It will increase the horizons of your mind in so many ways.

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3. Get lost and find your way back.

Planning is so conventional. Be spontaneous. Get lost, and find your way back.

4. Work towards getting your dream job.

When your mom said, ” Bas kuch saal mehnat karlo, fir life set hai,” she was probably right. Work your ass off to bag that dream job you’ve always wanted.

5. And quit the one you don’t like.

While you’re in your twenties, choose dreams over money any day. Because money will come later. It almost always does.

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6. Or you can always start with a sabbatical.

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7. Keep a pet or a plant.

Before you take the plunge with your special someone, it is always good to practice living with a pet or a plant first. Just saying!

8. Spend time with family.

It’s only going to get tougher as time passes, so make sure you spend enough time with your family, especially your grandparents.

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9. Go out on dates. Figure out what’s your type.

Don’t hesitate to meet new people. Go out. Talk. Have fun.

10. Explore your sexuality.

11. Go to a meditation camp.

A meditation camp will rejuvenate you like nothing else can. Try it once.

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12. Read a life-changing book /watch a movie.

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13. Start a saving plan or open a FD.

So that you have something to fall back on, on a rainy day.

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14. Also, so that you can finally buy that dream bike/car.

15. Get a driving license.

This is for those like me who are too lazy to get one.

16. Experiment with your look. Get a drastic makeover.

Don’t hesitate to go for the makeover that you’ve always wanted. Chop the hair off or get them coloured red, find your style and flaunt it.

17. Learn to cook at least one meal.

18. Attend your favourite band’s concert.

19. Run a marathon.

Who knows if you’ll be fit enough to run it later?

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20. Take up an adventure sport you are scared of.

Challenge your limits and get the adrenaline rolling!

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21. Learn to play an instrument.

You don’t even need to join a class anymore. Just look up tutorials on YouTube and get going.

22. Learn a language.

Languages are beautiful. Learn as many as you can, while you can.

23. Have a hobby that helps you relax when life gets hectic and monotonous.

Whether it is singing, writing, or reading, have at least one hobby that makes you forget your worries.

24. Learn to pay taxes.

Talk to your CA friends or consult your parents. Being a 20-something is not all about having fun. Learn to be responsible.

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25. Let go.

Whether it is a bad relationship, a toxic friend, or a grudge that you have held on for too long. It’s time to step in the big boots now and let it all go.

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So, what are you waiting for? The clock’s ticking!