Life is short and we probably don’t get to do everything we want. However, there are moments and things we can savour that make life worth living. From the time we are born, there are certain things that leave a mark on us, good or bad, and they are worth remembering forever. Memories are stored in our heads and sometimes through objects.

Here are 30 things we should all have owned own before turning 30:

1. Friends who are always there

There is no disputing that you can’t live without friends. Plus, who else will make you do all the stupid things in life?


2. An item you bought from your first earning

Be it something big or small, what you buy with your first earning will always be special to you.


3. A pet

You walk, play and sit together in the sands of time. And for them, you are their life.

kanika sharma

4. A diary and a pen

Whether you write well or not, no one can judge you. For those are your thoughts and they need to be told to at least a piece of paper if no one else.


5. Ticket stub from your first concert

Everyone has a story tell of their first concert. The experience of jumping and waving hands with complete strangers knowing they love what you love is an eye opener.


6. A shirt/dress that reminds of you of a happier past

Maybe you wore it on your first date or that special birthday party where all your friends came over or on a train where it got spoilt but you had the journey of a lifetime. Clothes lose their scent but never lose the memories attached.


7. A pair of jeans that you can wear everyday and to parties because they are just too comfortable

Worn out or not, your favourite pair of jeans have seen the inside of a club and the rough patches of a mountain side where they possibly tore as well. The comfort your favourite jeans offer is unparalleled.


8. A memory that can make you smile anytime

When you’re feeling low, this is the most convenient way to make yourself feel better.

9. A family heirloom no matter how small it maybe

Because it never hurts to remember where you come from.


10. Shoes that have been loyal from beginning to end

Walk, run, play, jump, kick and they will still be loyal enough to be laced up no matter where you go.


11. A pen friend

It is always wonderful to read how different life is beyond our personal world.


12. A photo of your first trip

Going beyond your daily geographical boundaries for the first time, without any worry and with the aim of just having fun, is something you can never, ever forget.


13. A hobby

It does have to be your career. It has to be your relief. That thing which disconnects you from the world just so that it is you and that moment and no one else.


14. A vehicle

It does not have to be a car or motorbike. It can be a cycle as well. But driving or riding to where you have to go is one of the most self sufficient feelings in the world.


15. Some work of art

It can be a masterpiece on a canvas or a drawing from your childhood. It can be a letter you wrote to someone or a poem you jotted down for no reason at all. But it signifies your creativity and your will to think.


16. A suit

One time or the other, you always need a suit in life.


17. An e-mail ID

There is something wrong if you don’t have one already. We’re in the digital age so you need something to keep up with the changing times.

philipp wagner

18. A cassette or a CD of your favourite band

They are your favourite for a reason. Music can liberate the soul and no one can do that better than your favourite band.


19. A poster that livens up your room

It can be a band, a sportsman, a quote or anything that catches the eye. The beauty of it should be known to you even if to nobody else.


20. A collection of things you are passionate about

From stamps to rocks, collect what you want. The world has no say in what you can be passionate about.


21. A random video recording with people you love

It can be the stupidest thing in the world. But it is proof that there was a moment, in time, when you were all together doing something.


22. A backpack that has space for everything

From notebooks to clothes to every random thing you may never need. We all need to have that one backpack that we just pick up before going anywhere.


23. A watch that reminds you of a simpler time

Fancy or simple. An old device that tells time, reminds us of a simpler time when the device was probably new.


24. An ugly or silly photo of yourself when you were young

It just keeps you human, knowing you have come a long way.


25. An item that reminds you of your childhood

Anything that can remind of your time in the world as an innocent toddler will keep you grounded forever.


26. A plan

In case you don’t have a plan for the future, at least have a plan to have a plan.


27. A camera

Because some moments have to be captured.

shivalika trikha

28. A favourite book

A book speaks without talking. And your favourite one will always talk to you in a way no one can.


29. A token from your first relationship

It is the time when you first felt love. It may or may not have worked out but it did teach you a lot.


30. A dream

Because without it, tomorrow will not be worth owning.