Thailand is a country that assaults all senses. And each assault is pleasing. Apart from pristine beaches, beautiful mountains and even nicer people, Thailand is home to mouth-wateringly delicious food. Another BIG plus point is that the food is really cheap.

Here is a list of some of the most amazing dishes that one can savour in the country. And no, the famous green curry or the Pad Thai is not on this list.

Thai cuisine is too vast and diverse to be covered in a single blog post(or even in a few, for that matter), but these are what were, these are dishes that were discovered and loved:

1. Massaman Curry

Massaman curry is one of the many interesting Thai dishes that you will come across.

There seems to be a bit of a debate on the origin of the dish. Some say it is a word that evolved from ‘Musalman’ (Muslim) and the dish was introduced by Islamic traders to Central Thailand. Others say it is a mixture of Malay and Indian curries. The dish is high on aroma and uses cardamom, cinnamon and many other spices generally not found in Thai cooking. You can choose from beef, chicken or vegetable Massaman curry. The crunchy peanuts give the curry the unique character.

2. Thai Duck Noodle Soup or Kuay Tiaw Pet

Bangkok streets or sois are lined with numerous food stalls. There are so many of them that you probably wont need to enter a restaurant should you decide not to. One of the dishes that you will spot often on these sois is noodle soup laden with eggs, meat, chillies and greens. But if you decide to try just one of the many noodle soups, then make it the Kuay Tiaw Pet. This is sliced roasted duck added to a noodle soup. Slurp off the soup and bite into the tender & juicy duck meat. I had this at the Nonthaburi market and the taste still lingers on.

3. Ginger Tea With Sweet Yoghurt

This is probably a Thai-Chinese dish and I accidentally found this on Soi 20, Silom. An old lady to the right of this 200 metre street offers this delight. Arrive between 6am-9am to enjoy this and to feel fabulous all day.

4. Pork Balls And Skewers

You wouldn’t miss these small eats even if you wanted to. There are many different varieties constantly being skewered on Bangkok street corners. Gobble up these delicious bite sized snacks. And yes, don’t forget to ask for the sweet & tangy sauce!

5. Sticky Rice With Mango

If you don’t know what heaven feels like then this dish should give you a fair idea. This meal or dessert is famous with Thais and tourists for good reason. Fresh, sweet mango served along side sticky white rice and a sweet sauce, this results in instant high.

6. Thai Pancake

Another delight waiting for you in the country of smiles is the pancake. And the Thais have their own way of making it. The pancakes are shallow fried with eggs and topped with coconut cream or chocolate and other toppings. Salivating? I certainly am.

7. Black Sticky Rice With Custard:

Confession – I found this amazingly delicious sweet through ( do check it out – Mark Weins is a fab food blogger). Like most other food stalls on Silom Soi 20, the lady who sells this also stays from 6am to 9am. For a few bahts, the lady makes a ball out of black rice and smears sweet custard on to it. Then she packs it in a banana leaf. And there, you have one of the tastiest sweets on the planet.

About the author:

Sachin Bhandary, The Odd Traveller, has taken a year off and made travelling his mission. He believes that travelling is a fantastic learning opportunity and is out to prove as much by setting examples! Reach out to him through his blog , Facebook and Twitter . Happy travelling!