Does that irksome bit of blubber hanging from your waist give you nightmares? Has sedentary lifestyle taken the better of you, not leaving you with enough time to hit the gym? Are you sick of shopping for new clothes every 3 months because you can’t seem to squirm into your old ones? Well… fret not! There are many exercises that can be done without any equipment, at home, for free! All you need is a little motivation.

Here are 7 fat-burning exercises that can be done at home without equipment and are far more effective than running:

1. Burpees

Popularly known as the “triple threat attack”; burpees tone your upper body, legs and core. This exercise is one of the finest examples of an all-out calorie burner!

Source: Go Stay Fit

2. Lateral jumps

Use this singular simple Pilates move and strengthen your glutes, thighs and core! Courtesy the large muscle groups at work, you definitely end up burning a higher number of calories as you wiggle back into shape!

3. Jackknife Crunches

This is a slightly advanced variant of the regular ab-crunch and involves both the upper and lower abs. Jackknife crunches are extremely effective in toning your lower abdomen, without the use of any equipment!

Source: HTGR Off

4. Side planks and leg raises

This extreme workout is a fat-killer as it requires the coordination and effort of your entire body. It specifically targets the obliques, outer thighs and deltoids.


5. Mountain climbers

Get on all fours…… and bid fat goodbye! This exercise might seem like a detention punishment, but it is also one of the best high intensity exercises.

Source: HIIT Academy

6. Jumping squats

A squat is perhaps the most complete exercise in itself, add a little jump to your regular squat and you’d end up sweating it all out! This plyometric exercise is also good for building explosive speed, ground up!

Source: Women’s Health

7. Jumping lunges

Squeeze out excess calories by doing this fantastic thigh-toning exercises. The higher you jump up in between the lunges, the more calories you burn!

Source: Women’s Health

Motivated yet?