The spirit of Kolkata is synonymous with culture. The fabric of this soulful city is intricately woven with poetry, music and nostalgia. And this is what fuels the fact that Bengalis are an opinionated lot, and are a stickler for discussions and debates.

From animated conversations over a bhaar of cha and cigarettes, to sitting at the rock discussing music and politics, Bangalees have an undying love for alochona .

Kolkata is always abuzz with conversations, and as a tribute to our love for talking, here’s 8 reasons why Kolkata should be re-named Kol’kotha’.

1. ‘Adda’ is essential to our existence.

You’re not a true blue bong if you have not spent at least an hour of your day’s time indulging in ‘Adda.’ Be it with your best buds, or the bus conductor, no form of relaxation beats ranting your heart out about the most random of things.

Source: Ayan Khasnabis

2. ‘Cholbey Na’ is what we say to all the nonsense we don’t want to put up with.

Being an opinionated lot also entails being intolerant of injustice. The hub of ‘oborodhs’ and frequent ‘bandhs,’ Kolkata bears proof of the fact that Bengalis WILL stand up for their rights. Protesting is a Bengali’s second nature, but not without good cause.

Source: TOI Kolkotha

3. Giving ‘Gyan’ for free is our second nature.

‘Gyan deowa’ is something that every Bengali swears by. What with all that ‘culture’, there’s no denying the fact that we Bengalis assume ourselves to be authorities on any damn topic of discussion. And we rattle off.

Source: Ayan Khasnabis

4. ‘Abritti’ marks the beginning of our cultural evolution.

It is no secret that a Bengali’s first love is poetry. We grow up mouthing the words penned by the numerous literary geniuses that we Bengalis have been blessed with. ‘Abritti’ or recitation is in our blood, and no para’r function or picnic is complete without a Bangalee kid showing off his recitation skills with Robi Thakur ‘s Birpurush or Robibaar .


5. P.N.P.C. is an essential ingredient for a sumptuous adda session.

Poro Ninda Poro Chorcha is an integral part of our illustrious culture. Blessed with mad skills for theatrics, bitching about the neighbour’s wife or the new kid on the block is so much more animated and entertaining when indulged in by a Bong.

Source: Youtube

6. ‘Boktrita’ , because monologues are the way we roll.

It is safe to say that we Bengalis are a breed of ‘shobjanta,’ or we like to believe so. Going off on frequent monologues, replete with anecdotes and witty puns, is a vocation every Bengali is passionate about.

Source: TOI Kolkotha

7. Debate, because logic is what we swear by.

No true-blue Bengali’s day is complete without a healthy dose of discussion and debate about politics and the likes. Debating is a Bangalee’s second nature, and you will never witness Bongs back away from voicing their nuanced views.

Source: Favourite-Cabin

8. ‘Alochona’ is what keeps us going.

Every Bengali is a stickler for conversation. Be it in the market with your fish vendor, or while sitting around with a bunch of friends over cigarettes and ‘cha’, alochona about the state of affairs or the latest noir films, is what keeps us going.

Source: Humayunn Niaz Ahmed

It is precisely for these reasons that Kolkata is a brilliant city full of tall tales and long yarns. It is this Joie de vivre that makes our beloved city what it is, a hub for culture, banter and life. There are a million stories to hear in this wonderful place. And that is why, for us, Kolkata will always be Kol”kotha.” TOI captured this spirit perfectly in their video that screams, “Cholbey Na!” Check it out…

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