Typography (noun)

-T he style and appearance of printed matter.

In simple words, typography is the art of arranging words in the most appealing way for learning and recognition. Every word describes or means something. But this graphic designer has taken it one step further. Apart from describing specific emotions, these 9 words have been designed to symbolize the emotions they are describing.

Here are 9 words whose typography explains what they mean:

1. Anger is just a D short of danger

2. What if you’re too lazy to stop being lazy

3. No pain, no gain

4. A smile is a gently curved line that sets a lot of things straight

5. Floating in the air like a helium balloon

6. Outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens

7. I don’t know what to write here

8. Looking at all these images is making me dizzy

9. I would’ve left this image out of this list, but I didn’t want to leave it alone

These typographies have been done by Jaspreet Singh Mohindra . Jas is a Graphics Designer from New Delhi, who loves bikes and hates mathematics. You can check out more of his work here .