The Internet is a funny place. You can vent out your emotions online, make friends, talk to strangers, buy stuff, sell stuff. It is also a place where girls can sell their virginity – and there will be buyers.

The reasons could be so many – someone needs to take care of her ill mother, someone needs to pay her tuition for college by herself, someone just needs the money to get out of the dumps. Let’s take a look at the 9 such girls who pulled the improbable by selling their virginity online, in exchange for killer amounts.

9. Rosie Reid (UK)

8400 Pounds

8. Alina Percia (Romania)

8800 Pounds

7. Shatuniha (Serbia)

90,0000 Rubles (approx 30,000 USD)

6. ‘UniGirl’ (New Zealand)

32,000 USD

5. Catarina Miglorini (Brazil)

780,000 USD

4. Elizabeth Raine (USA)

Undisclosed Amount

3. Graciela Yataco (Peru)

1.3 million USD

2. Raffaella Fico (Italy)

1.8 million USD

1. Natalie Dylan (USA)

3.7 million USD