We’re not always cut out or meant for the jobs that we end up doing. A lot of artists, writers and thinkers are sacrificed at the altar of practicality, becoming anonymous cogs in the corporate machine. But that doesn’t mean that the creativity in them goes away. In fact, it stews and changes, expressing itself in strange ways. Here are a few signs that say there’s an artist residing deep inside you.

1. In a meeting, your notes compose of 10% actual sense and 90% random doodles.

2. Your boss frequently has issues with your choice of dressing, which is eclectic at best.

3. Your colleagues often catch you staring out of the window for no real reason.

4. You have a tendency to space out at critical moments. And it’s gotten you into trouble more than once.

5. You’ve never really been able to connect with your co-workers. You nod and smile when they talk, but inside, you wish that you were somewhere else.

6. You always carry either a novel or a sketch-book with you for the times when the grind becomes intolerable.

7. Your sense of humour is really different from those around you. Which is why you get weird looks when you laugh at odd times or crack jokes that no one else gets.

8. A lot of the people you work with ask you to write mushy mails for their significant others. You know, because you’re good with “words.”

9. Goofing off on the job is different for you as well. While most people derp around on 9GAG or Facebook, you’re going through Tumblr or Collosal.

10. You’ve written a resignation letter many times. Only to sigh, change your mind and delete the draft.

11. You feel stuck at the place you currently work at. You’d rather follow your passion and do what you like but just don’t know where to begin.

12. But have faith. Because creativity is like a river. It can be dammed. It can be diverted. But it always finds a way to flow.

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