If you grew up in the 90s, there were a few dozen things that you felt you couldn’t live without. In fact, you would have at least told yourself once that you’re never going to find anything better than that ever again. Until of course, the 21st century happened to you. Here are 10 Things From the 90s that You Probably Won’t Find Around You Anymore!

1. Seeing any of these cars on the Indian roads these days would be more rare than an alien sighting.

2. And you’ll never use any of these coins from the 90s that made it feel worth more than its value.

3. You’ll be hard pressed to see one of these big fat TV sets in a house.

4. And you’ll never sip these:

5. Find us a person who still uses one of these Godzilla mobiles and we will buy you a ticket to the upcoming Godzilla movie.

6. You can cross oceans and climb mountains and you still won’t be able to get your hands on this.

7.  In the 90s, in every household with a young boy, there was no greater toy than this.

But today it’s been replaced with this.

8. What really happened to these? This still looks supercool!

9. Definitely don’t miss this one though!

10. Whatever happened to the ol’ telegram.

Did we miss out on anything? Do let us know in the comment section!