More often than not, we let our life take a backseat when it comes to taking a risk and doing something we love. Armed with immense wisdom and his love for travelling, this tea seller will make you re-think youe life and all the decisions you have made.

Vijayan has been selling tea, along with his wife Mohana, for over 40 years in Ernakulam. But he has travelled over 17 countries. How? By taking loans from banks and repaying them in 2-3 years. His story is a reminder that life is short and whatever time we have is what we have now.

His passion for travelling is so strong that he used to steal food grains from his home and sell it to have enough money to visit a new place.

He travels the world along side his wife, his strength and the source of his energy.

People call him crazy for taking loans to quench his thirst for travel. His reply to that, “Everyone has their own craziness”.

We agree with you, Sir.

Watch this beautiful documentary here:

Let’s chase our dreams, shall we?