So after the entire AIB controversy, there was Aamir Khan's holier than thou comment about the roast being crass and irresponsible. Facing flak from all sides, we're pretty sure nobody expected THIS hilarious rant from a slightly pissed off blogger. This is India however, and if there's one thing that's sacred, it's bollywood! Fans here love and hate with all their heart, and this blogger's no different. Some people feel Aamir was way too preachy, while others stand by him. Check out what this guy has to say.

Note: We haven't corrected the writer's grammar.

"Ever since, Aamir voiced his opinion against AIB, it has created uproar online and each day, every random blogger or site is having their share of 2-minute fame by writing articles against Aamir under the garb of Freedom of Expression."

Passion runs deep, especially when it comes to Bollywood.

"The Blogger starts his article by taking potshot at Aamir's most Loved movie, Lagaan.This actually made no sense whatsoever, thought the writer wanted to poke fun at length of the movie, he somehow manages to connect it with Aamir's conscience."

His views might be debatable, but opinions abound and honestly, what's life without different perspectives right?

"There are lot of others celebs too who dont attend awards, but their movies have not gone to Oscars, so its easy to pick on Aamir and call him “Prick” and “Hypocrite” .. He has issues with private award shows in general, not the awards itself."

It's always a fine line between being a hipster and being progressive, especially in the art world.

"Whatever Aamir has ever spoken, he has always been very clear about his views and has always confined them to himself."

As a public persona, people expect our stars to not smoke/ curse/ kiss in public. So isn't it hypocritical that that he's 'allowed' to say whatever he wants? Food for thought.

"Aamir issued a statement about Narmada Bachao Andolan after release of RDB and it was before Fanaa and not RDB."

It's always good to know the entire story!

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