That’s the simple message Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na director Abbas Tyrewala tried to spread through his status update on Facebook.  Here’s what he wrote:

Religion does not define the character of a person, nor does it establish a person’s love for his country.

The post immediately went viral on Facebook and of course, there were polarizing reactions.

Not just Indian trolls, there were threats of “revenge” from Islamabad too. But then the Bollywood director remarkably defended his position of ‪#‎ ProfileForPeace .

He showed respect for both countries and had apt retorts for the haters.

But hate seems to have a blinding effect on society, agreeing with one another the haters went on, and Tyrewala stood by what he had to say.

Some tried to play the more pacifying neutral game, while others only partially supported the director. Tyrewala used better judgement and took a clear stand abiding by Gandhian Philosophy.

He stressed on the strength of love… And what is a creative mind without some humour? Adding a romantic pun, he spoke of the haters.

But most shocking was a comment by an LTTE member, giving the Jaane Tu Ya Janae Na director a speech on patriotism. Like wow!

But Tyrewala again, with all due respect, killed it with his wit! What else can you even say to the guy?

He replied to the numerous people supporting his message by humbly thanking them, while he also knew that his post was becoming a raging campaign on the Internet!

It’s really not about religion or nationality, the message is about peace, humanity and love. Wonder why it is so difficult for the haters to get that! Troll parasites on the Internet spreading dirt against each other just to get five minutes of fame never fell short, but the message of peace prevailed.

Being neighbours and sharing such a long history, it’s high time India and Pakistan share a cooperative relation of mutual brotherhood. And not just these two nations, it’s about spreading the message of peace in the world!

We totally agree with you, sir. We support #‎ ProfileForPeace‬ !