Some people will get lost even with Google maps. Some people will lose themselves even without a 5 Star.Be it in thought, word or deed, some people are just born with an escape button. The most interesting things fail to hold their interest, and they quietly drift away to a land of dreams. Khuli aankhon se sapne dekhna is their way of life.If you belong to the tribe of the lost ones, you’ll be familiar with these symptoms:

1. You have been clueless throughout your school and college life. Remember the time you had to choose a stream?

2. When it comes to your career, questions like, “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” have only two possible answers: Find out in point 7 .

3. You frustrate/confuse the hell out your parents with your vague responses to the shaadi question. They think you are hiding something.

4. You space out the moment your girlfriend begins to tell you about her day. And then she asks, ” Kya bataya maine abhi?”  * dhen dhen dhen…*

5. But in your defense, it’s not just her. You do that to everyone. Many are offended with you for not paying enough attention when they’re talking.

6. On several occasions, people have caught you staring blankly at plain walls. Idiots! They don’t understand its a portal to Wonderland.

7. When you’re on earth, you communicate with humans using only two words: “hmm” and “huh”

8. People try to be kickass in their interviews, while you let interviews kick your ass!

9. You buy a gift and forget to take it to the party. Later on, you see it and ask, ” Yeh mere liye hai? Kisne diya?

10. You lose your way even after asking for directions.

11. You study hard and finish your syllabus. But while writing an exam, you are just blank.

12. You are telling an interesting story, and suddenly, you lose track of what you were saying.

13. At a restaurant, your friends never ask you what to order because they know your answer anyway: “kuch bhi manga lo yaar…”

14. You have missed out on many of life’s wonderful moments, even though you were physically present. Because you were on escape mode.

15. What was I saying?