There are always a bunch of different kinds of people you find in your group of friends; there’s the carefree friend, the studious friend, the stoner friend and then there’s the person who gets all worked up, all the time because they just can’t keep their temper in check. However, they’re also bound to be some of your closest friends thanks to their big hearts and their honesty, so it always balances things out. If you’ve noticed these symptoms, you’re probably friends with an angry young man/woman.

1. You have to be extra careful with your words because they can explode like a volcano at any moment.

2. They’ll be cheerful and fun one moment and then turn into a venom-spewing dragon from hell in the next.

3. You maintain a completely neutral stance on most social issues when you’re around them because you know they’ll bite your head off if things get heated.

4. If you happen to be sitting next to them at a traffic jam, you’re guaranteed to hear the most creative curses in your life, which is always useful!

5. Being around them has taught you to stand up for yourself, which is a gift few people can learn.

6. They’ll always take your side in an argument, which is basically like a guaranteed win.

7. Going to a bar or a club with them is like an unknown adventure. What they might get into is both scary and exciting.

8. You always keep these guys around when shopping thanks to their superpower bargaining skills.

9. Every time you diffuse a situation, you feel like you’ve escaped a volcano.

10. Even if you guys have a huge fight, they always come back and apologise later. Then you laugh about it and it just makes it all worth it.

11. You’ve developed techniques to calm them down when things get heated. You’re like a master of distraction!

12. You know them inside out and know how good they are at heart and how honest they are with everyone, including with themselves.

13. Debating does not exist for them. It’s basically them against the world.

14. But you respect them for standing up for what they believe in, even if sometimes it gets out of hand.

15. You frequently think of the show ‘Anger Management’ whenever they’re around and laugh to yourself: all the more reason to love them!

These ‘angry young men’ can be your best friends as well as your worst enemy. The best part about it is, they’re not going anywhere, and we’re not complaining!