Ah. Advertising. “The most fun you can have with your clothes on.” There’s a reason why people say that all the time. And although things are a little different in the nets and on the field, the adage still holds true. Advertising is “hella fun.” And if you identify with any of these things, then you might just be cut out for it!

1. You think in taglines and speak in slogans.

You sometimes feel that the saying “When life gives you lemons…” is a tagline that someone came up with for life itself.

2. For some strange reason, advertising jingles actually cheer you up when you’re down.

Diamond Biscuit, Diamond Biscuit, jab bhi mood ho toh kha lo! Eh. I’m smiling already.

3. You tell everyone you meet to read David Ogilvy’s “Confessions of an Advertising Man.”

After all, the guy was the original “Mad-Man.”

4. You’ve become tired of hearing the phrase, “You’re so funny, ya!”

And you’re all like, “Yeah. I know.”

5. If you’re a student, then all you really want to do is get into an agency. Preferably the “Big 3.”

6. And if you’re in advertising, all you really want is to win Gold at Cannes.

7. You don’t just like puns. You live for them.

Nothing is funny until it is punny.

8. Watching old ads on YouTube sends you on a huge nostalgia trip.

Like this one. When Aamir was younger. And less opinionated.

9. You have, what is frequently called, “the gift of the gab.”

Most people speak well. You speak well AND at the right time.

10. You always look at shitty ads in the newspaper and on TV and go, “Yeh kya bakwaas hai?”

Because you believe that you can do a hell of a lot better.

11. At various points of time, you have both admired and been jealous of Prasoon Joshi and Piyush Pandey.

12. You’ve watched, re-watched and re-re-watched every episode of Mad Men.

13. One day, you hope to be an advertising great whose quotes will inspire another starry eyed kid just like you.

Crazy about ads and advertising? Then here’s your chance to shine. If you’re up to the task, Pepsi is going to let you make its next ad that will run on TV during the Pepsi IPL. Here’s everything you need to know .

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