Can you imagine living without your cell phone, laptop, television or even Google for a week? It will drive you insane, won’t it? Our alarms, phone numbers, letters, mails, air tickets and even pictures and memories are after all, all in there. Not only that, technology also helps us remember important things like our friends’ birthdays and anniversaries.

But you know what? These are simple things people would put effort in to remember or keep before technology made us lazy. To put it directly, it would be safe to say that we are all way too dependent on technology.

That’s exactly what Jean Jullien explained through a series of illustrations.

The French illustrator points out the ways in which modern society’s increasing dependence on phones and social networks is often interpreted mistakenly as signs of a real connection between people. Check it out here:

Scarily relevant, are they not? Maybe it’s time to keep your i-pad aside and pick up a pen!