How many times have we been fed such ideas of ‘beauty’ and ‘fairness’? How many times have we been told that our skin colour determines our personality? How often have beauty products and their respective ads forced us to feel like shit?

‘Fair & Lovely’ – Cream lagao, zindagi banao.

Ladies & gentlemen, the answer is too many times. And so, it justifies this enormous Twitter rant comedian Aditi Mittal went on against Fair & Lovely and its products. You’ll love her even more after reading these!

Here’s what Aditi Mittal tweeted about Fair & Lovely this morning:

This was just the beginning. She continued mocking Fair & Lovely and all the products they could possibly launch in the future.

She further went on to explain why this bothers her so much.

And again, she put forth interesting ideas for us.

This one’s my favourite:

Speaking of all the ‘ingredients’ that will not only change our skin colour but also our life…

In conclusion, she added this piece of information which we all should take note of. It’s high time we start refuting such ideas of beauty and fairness.

What a brilliant Twitter-essay, Aditi! We certainly needed a dose of this.

H/T missmalini