There are times when we want to leave everything behind and just start a new adventure. Travel to an unknown location, meet new people and experience life. However, that’s not always possible. For the moments when you are looking for a new adventure but can’t get embark on one, here are some movies you must watch to make yourself feel a tad better:

1. Into The Wild

Top student and athlete, Christopher McCandless leaves all his worldly possessions behind (including $24000 in savings which he gives to charity) adopts the name Alexander Super-Tramp and sets off to live in the beautiful yet remote tundra of Alaska. He embarks on a journey to rediscover himself and through his travels meets a number of quaint yet memorable characters.

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2. Little Miss Sunshine

What happens when a dysfunctional family decides to travel across the country in their Volkswagen van for a beauty pageant ? Well, you will have to see the movie to find to out.

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3. Up In The Air

All that George Clooney does in this movie (apart from looking smoking hot) is travel from one state to another, collecting frequent flier miles and firing people. This movie basically glamorized ‘living out of a suitcase.’

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4. Hit The Road: India

This is a documentary of two friends who travel to India to participate in the 12 day Rickshaw Rally from Chennai to Mumbai. Only 80 minutes, this movie is short, sweet and entertaining.

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5. The Darjeeling Limited

After the death of their father, three brothers travel to Darjeeling by train to try and save their relationship and find their mother. The movie beautifully captures how three estranged bothers, who haven’t spoken to each other for over a year, fight to revive their bond! Of course, the fact that their journey is set against the backdrop of India’smost beautiful locales makes this film a must watch for every traveller.

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6. Cast Away

Long before Lost was released, Tom Hanks popularized the whole “stranded on an island” routine. He literally lives everyone’s worst nightmare; survives a plane crash, gets washed up on an island, and lives like a cave man for over 4 years before reconnecting with civilization.

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7. The Straight Story

Relationships are important. So important that even if you have to travel hundreds of miles to be with a loved one and all you have is a tractor, you won’t think twice and undertake the journey nonetheless. Well, that’s exactly the plot of this one.

Source: Nafeesspeak

8. Seven Years In Tibet

Based on a true story, Seven Years In Tibet documents how Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountain climber befriends the great Dalai Lama during the time when China was taking over Tibet. Spoiler Alert: It’s awesome to see how Heinrich teaches the followers of Dalai Lama to ice-skate.

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9. The Beach

Richard, a twenty something traveller finds a strange map while exploring Thailand. The map has directions to a place that’s rumored to be a hidden tropical paradise. Intrigued, he sets on a mission to find it!

Source: Wikipedia

10. Interstellar

Travel beyond space and time in a completely different dimension. If you thought Gravity had visuals that were literally out of this world, then Interstellar’s visual representation is definitely from a different galaxy (no pun intended).

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11. Eight Below

Set in Antarctica, Eight Below is about a group of sledge dogs and how they survive a snow storm. Two explorers are forced to leave their dogs behind and the dogs have no choice but to fend for themselves. This is one is a real heart warmer.

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12. Life of Pi

Source: Weekend Notes

13. The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie is based on the motorcycle trip Che Guevara took in his younger days that shaped his world view and led him to discover his life’s calling. It was the suffering of the common people that Che witnessed which made him fight for others and bring revolution to South America.

Source: Back Pack Me

14. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

What happens when a lawyer and a journalist travel across the west coast of USA with a bag full of drugs in a red convertible? Chaos! Johnny Depp’s portrayal of famed gonzo journalist hunter S Thompson will blow you away.

Source: Grim Up North

15. The Hangover

Four guys travel to Sin City, Las Vegas to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of their best friend. And lose that very friend after a night that they’ll never, no wait, just can’t remember. The movie is all about them trying to re-trace their steps and find the lost groom.

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