Advertisements are made with a commercial purpose – to sell a product. But many a times, these advertisements create characters who manage to touch the chords of our heart and create a brand loyalty while entertaining us. Here are some 17 such advertising icons :

1. The Amul Girl

Who does not know this girl? She has a witty take on everything that happens.

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2. Vodafone Zoozoos

Cuteness is the USP of these mascots who advertise the telecom company. They became popular overnight for their innocent expressions.


3. Murphy Baby

The mascot for the radio company came into the limelight once again thanks to Ranbir’s character in Barfi! The cute face managed to sell radios for the British company like hot cakes.


4. Hutch Pug

Could anything be cuter? A pug following his little master was the smartest way of advertising the telecom company.

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5. Chocos Bear

The confident bear who promised chocolicious cereals which everyone would eat while singing ‘ chahiye hi chahiye’, was every child’s favourite.


6. Lijjat Papad Rabbit

The rabbit who put the ‘Kharram Khurram’ song on our lip has a very special place in our heart.

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7. Boomer Man

The blue man who was a kind of Mr Fantastic did all kinds of stunts in the ad while marketing the bubble gum brand.

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8. Parle-G Girl

The girl’s face is synonymous with the glucose biscuit brand, even after decades of the inception of the ad.

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9. Commonwealth Games Mascot Shera

The national animal became the mascot of the Commonwealth Games. An inviting, friendly mascot who encouraged citizens to maintain clean surroundings and good etiquettes.

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10. Nirma Girl

The girl doing pirouettes was extremely popular and everyone who heard the Nirma song remembers it.


11. Air India Maharaja

Though the airlines may be sinking now, we can’t forget this friendly mascot, can we? The deep bow promised world-class service fit for royalty.


12. ICICI Life Insurance Mascot Chintamani

The man wearing glasses and sweating over his finances, expressed the concerns of the common man. This identification led to instant bonding.

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13. The Onida Devil

I remember being very fascinated by the uncle with two horns on his head. My mom unsuccessfully tried to use his image to scare me into eating.


14. Asian Paints Mascot Gattu

Trust the man R.K. Laxman to create something that would touch everyone’s heart. Gattu was the face of the company for four decades.

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15. The Pillsbury Doughboy

The cute, figure of happiness makes me want to eat! I shall eat whatever he wants me to. So cute!


16. McDonald’s Joker Ronald

The figure who stars in every child’s life in a very important role. His presence outside every McDonald’s is the reason the fastfood chain is so popular among kids.


17. 7Up Man – Fido Dido

This man defines what being cool is. Became insanely popular for his antics.


18. Appy Fizz’s mascot Appy Fizz

The quirky mascot tickled our funny bone while marketing the bubbly apple juice.

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So which one is your favourite?