Home is the place where we can just be ourselves but, let’s face it, there are some things we just cannot do when people are around. Whether it’s something embarrassing, controversial or illegal, there is no place like home especially when we’re alone. Here are 15 liberating things we do when we’re alone at home:

1. Roam around naked.

Goodbye inhibitions, self-loathing and clothes! And why not? We’re alone and nobody’s judging us!

2. Sing loud and proud.

Whether we sound like Shreya Ghoshal or croak like a frog, it doesn’t matter. And why limit ourselves only to the bathrooms?

3. Dance in spite of having two left feet.

They say dance like no one is watching. Well guess what? No one is watching!

4. Binge on all the food available.

And once everything is over, we can always call for home delivery!

5. Wear the clothes we avoid wearing in public.

And the best part is we might come across clothes that we never knew we had!

6. Bathe for hours with the bathroom door open.

So liberating!

7. Play video games without interruptions.

Whether there is an earthquake or a fire in the neighbourhood, no one is going to stop you.

8. Talk to our pets.

Let’s face it, pets are better listeners.

9. Celebrate solitude.

Whether it’s our parents, roomies, colleagues, or pretty much anybody we know, a break from them is not always a bad thing.

10. Movie or TV show marathons.

No one to bother us as we binge watch for hours and hours.

11. Porn!

Because somethings are only possible when we’re alone!

12. Call that “special someone” over.

For some of us, home alone means the opportunity to sneak someone in.

13. Take endless selfies from every corner of the house.

14. Check ourselves unapologetically in the mirror.

My house is my ramp, My mirror is my audience!

15. Fart without worrying!

One of those simple pleasures of life that is totally free!

Well, you’ve got to admit that you are your own true self only when you’re alone!