Aren’t we a little tired of the Internet making too many ‘forever alone’ jokes? Just because some people are alone, there’s this assumption that they are somehow “lower than the lowest” of some popularity contest everyone’s trying to win.

Is it that hard to understand that there are ‘loners’ out there who choose to stay away from the crowd? Here are 15 reasons why being “forever alone” is not so bad after all.

1. You don’t have to make small talk.

You’re your own entertainer.

2. Untidy room? You can take your time cleaning it. Or not. Your call.

It’s not like you’re pissing anyone off.

3. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket by buying someone an expensive dinner.

You don’t have to impress ANYONE.

4. Want to wear the same outfit two-three days in a row? Go ahead.

You don’t have to care what others think.

5. You don’t have to waste money treating other people on your birthday.

Have your cake and eat it too. The proverb can go to hell.

6. A high phone bill is not something you have to deal with.

Bachath hi bachath!

7. In the off chance you’re stranded on a deserted island, don’t worry. You’re already prepared.

What could drive others crazy, is just a vacation to you.

8. Who needs people when can you spend months on a game slaying dragons?

SKYRIM over friends, any day.

9. When you cook/order ‘dinner for two’, you’re sorted for the next meal as well.

The meal’s so nice, you eat it twice.

10. You’re not bound by anyone else’s routine. You create your own time zone.

Come and go as you please.

11. Want to spend the entire weekend in bed? Go ahead. No one to ruin it with “plans”.

Who needs plans when you have your comfortable bed.

12. Fighting over the remote control? What’s that?

You are not used to the “don’t touch my things” routine.

13. You don’t have to entertain anyone’s Candy Crush requests. Wait, nobody sends you any.

Screw you and your “next level”.

14. Want to walk around in your ‘birthday suit’? Go for it.

Your house, your rules.

15. You can “dance like no one’s watching” all the time.

Because no one’s really watching.