Beyond the usual applications of aluminium foil that include packaging and storing food, it does something that is totally unexpected from this household item. The aluminium foil has some healing properties that help reduce pain in the back and joints.

The aluminium foil therapy for healing pain is an authentic and popular technique among the healers of China and Russia. It also finds a detailed mention in the book of Wilhelm Reich, a physiotherapist who was a disciple of Sigmund Freud.

How this therapy works is that you take a piece of the foil and wrap it around the affected area using a bandage.

This technique is helpful in healing all kinds of pains including the back, arm, joints, rheumatoid arthritis, legs, and heel pain.

According to traditional Chinese studies, aluminium foil wrapped around the area facilitates the flow of bio-energy that passes through the body to return to the meridians where it first comes from. And that’s how it helps in alleviating the pain. So simple yet so effective!

Don’t underestimate the power of aluminium foil!