If you took a while to consider whether to open this article or not… Congratulations, my friend! Here’s welcoming you to the average club. But, hey! Wait. Of course, you’re not average, right?

You completed school like a nice kid, joined college, did okay and graduated. Even managed to find a job. That’s not being average, is it? Well, you did all of these things like a boss – but guess what – so did thousands of others. Don’t get me wrong. I am not here to remind you of the monotonous or average life that you (and I) lead. I am just here to tell you that being average is absolutely fine.


Now who doesn’t want to be famous, or successful? We all do. But come to think of it, most of our problems arise due to mediocrity. Mediocrity of job, relationships, and life in general.

We all strive to be successful and famous, slogging our asses off day in and day out, trying to achieve something, that is not only impossible, but also in a lot of cases, unreal.

There, I said it. I am not going to preach about working hard and saving up and all the things that you read about on inspirational portals. Because you know what happens despite that? Life.


Sorry to break it to you, but being successful is not the norm. That is an exception. And you with all your average life – you are the norm; I am the norm, we are all the norm. And it is absolutely okay to be the norm! For instance, for a stranger it would seem that my father led a very average life. But they don’t know the struggles that he went through to raise my brother and me or the amazing father that he is to us, even though he never really had a fatherly figure around for most of his life. My point is – you are great the way you are and to some people, you mean the world.


Stop being harsh on yourself and be glad about this. Remember, you completed school like a nice kid – half the country doesn’t really get to do that. You graduated college like a boss. In this day of cut-throat competition, you even managed to find a job! What else do you need? The last thing you need is a confirmation on how average you are or a speech on how an ‘ideal’ life should be. There’s no shame in accepting that you lead an average life. Sure, strive for the best and work hard each day, but don’t forget to celebrate the little wins that you achieve in between that make life worth living.

Source: www.professionalacademy.com

I am a very average person, an okay-ish writer and have nothing going on for me right now worth writing home about. But, hey! At least I am trying. And I know so are you.