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Apr 30, 2014 at 08:40

14 Reasons Why Mumbai Is The Most Amazing City In The World

by Anisha Ralhan

I've been living in Mumbai for more than 6 months now. And even in this short time, Mumbai has left an indelible mark on my personality and life. I have fallen in love with this melting pot of a city where you can find great paradoxes and little joys at every turn. Here are a few reasons why I think Mumbai is the most amazing city in the world.

1. It takes one ride in a Mumbai local to figure out the city’s geography.

If you’ve got the time and an appetite for exploration, then you can probably figure out this city in a matter of days. And if you lose your way just look around, your fellow passengers will go out of the way to guide you.


2. Mumbai is a melting pot of uncanny aspirations.

Whether you want to become an Amitabh Bachchan or an Ambani , Mumbai caters for all your ambitions and eccentricities.


3. When in doubt, you can always turn towards the sea.

Whether it's Marine drive or the Worli-Sea Face, nothing calms down frayed nerves better than the soothing sea breeze.


4. In a place where money is the greatest religion, there is little room for communal hostility.

Mumbai has seen its share of communal tension. But as a city where dreams of fame, money and glory find a home in almost every mind, it has only come out stronger and braver.


5. It is safer for the fairer sex.

Even though recent events have brought this into question, Mumbai remains one of the few cities in India where women don’t have to look behind their backs every 5 minutes. I don't know too many cities where I don't have to think twice before hopping into a cab at 2 am by myself.


6. If you're not from Mumbai, you’ll soon realize that in this city, you'll never eat your fill and never be hungry enough to starve.

When you’re chasing after your dreams, you tend to forget food and drink. But when you do remember, there’s always Vada Pavs and Misal Pavs.


7. It's short on space but it has a giant heart.

It takes one trip to Mumbai’s suburbs to learn the meaning of the saying, "Ghar bada nahi hai toh kya hua? Dil toh bada hai." Many people in Mumbai don’t have much in the way of material possessions, but whatever they have, they’re willing to share.


8. As soon as you leave home, you enroll yourself for a crash course in cultural studies.

In my 6 months in Mumbai, Mumbai’s enthusiastic communities made sure I soaked in the spirit of Holi, Good Friday, Eid, and Gudi Padwa in equal measure.


9. Mumbai has an incredibly large sweet tooth.

Find me a Theobroma, Oven Fresh, Candies or an Indigo in any other city pretty please!


10. The expansive roads and cobbled architecture of Colaba transports you to another time and place in history.

For every India Gate, there is a Gateway of India. And then there are the Elephanta caves, Nariman Point and Queen's necklace.


11. An extremely cuddly and industrious group of humans called Parsis call Mumbai their home.

This goes out to all the Rustomji, Bomanji, Pestonji and Sorabjis of the world- you guys are awesome and Mumbai would be incomplete without you.


12. Liberal should be Mumbai's middle name.

Mumbaikars are the most accepting lot of Indians I've met. The cosmopolitan temperament of the city instantly makes you feel one with the people.


13. 'Work hard, party harder', was probably coined exclusively for Mumbai.

Whether you leave work at 6pm or 11pm, you will never complain of being bored or jobless. Hop into a club in Bandra and see how rewarding a good work-life balance can be.


14. And on days when the crowds, the sheer sights and myriad sounds sap all the energy out of you, you realize Mumbai, like a strict yet loving parent, has prepared you for life.

Because anywhere else you go would be a cakewalk from here on in.


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