Most of us haven’t been to Northeast India yet but we’ve all met our fair share of people from the North East. And we all have a thing or two to say about them, all of them nice things. I asked people what they thought of their friends from the North East and here is what they said:

1.”Their fashion sense is just awesome. They can pull of any kind of clothes. I am so jealous!”

2. “Unlimited stamina, boss. They can run up and down for hours. They’re just too good at football!”


3. “They’re very creative. I love their art and how colourful they are. Everything from their hair to their clothes is bright and cheerful!”

4. “First thing that comes to mind? Their taste in music, both western and traditional!”

5. “It’s as if all of them know how to play an instrument. It’s usually the guitar”


6. “Food! Their food is soooo delicious. The non-veg is just out of this world. It can be spicy sometimes, but it’s just mind bogglingly good!


7. “It’s not just food in restaurants. They’re all great cooks. I can’t wait to visit the North East just for their food!”

8. “Some of the most chilled out and fun loving people. You’ll rarely see them get pissed.”


9. “They can party hard. Really, really hard.”

10. “They can hold their liquor.”

11. “They are very loyal friends. I don’t mean to say others aren’t. But these guys are tight as a community. And if they include you in their circle, they’ll treat you like one of their own.”

12. “They may appear westernized and modern, but they are very proud of their roots and culture. And that’s something worth admiring!”


13. “They are peace-loving people and hardly lose their temper.”

14. “Most of them have great confidence and are said to be extremely brave. The ones I know definitely are”

FYI: The oldest paramilitary force of India is the Assam Rifles.


15. “And how about easy access to their beautiful hometown? If you have a friend from North East, then that’s accommodation and food taken care of!

16. “They are always ready to share more about their exotic culture. It’s always fascinating to know more.”


17. “There is no doubt that they are very broad minded and progressive. In a country where sometimes they face discrimination (you can’t deny) and are sometimes ignored by our system, they are surprisingly very calm.”

18. “But they are always brave enough to stand for what is right.”


19. “They believe in better gender equality and the concept of ‘dowry-free’ marriages.”

20. All in all, “they are amazingly fun to hang out with and awesome to be around. You don’t have to actually judge them by their genes or how athletic they maybe. Those are just qualities. What you need to know is, how they are as people. Which I’m sure will make you love them even more.”

To our friends from the North East, hats off to you for being so brilliant. And we know, just like the fashionable clothes you wear, you carry it with real ease.