Hiring an auto is a fight for Indians. Like other commuters in Delhi, I have stopped hoping to meet autowallahs who will charge by the meter and not overcharge by citing the traffic situation or inflation. For tourists, the situation is definitely worse. But C. Christine Fair , an American who is currently travelling in India, has found a way around this. Want to know what? Check this video out :

Now before some of you start harping about how she comes from an affluent background whereas the autowallah is a poor man, let’s get some perspective, shall we?

Fair is an assistant professor at the Centre for Peace and Security Studies, Washington, D.C. In the past, she has served as a senior political scientist with the RAND Corporation (which is a non-profit think tank). So rest assured, she was definitely not out to rob a poor man.

Rampant fleecing of customers by autowallahs is an age-old problem. I am definitely glad that this witty woman decided to spend some time and fix one. And so are all these people on Twitter :

In fact she also gave some advice about how to deal with the Delhi autowallahs :

Oh. And in case you are wondering, she is in Hyderabad to talk about her book ‘ Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army’s Way of War’ at Manthan on Saturday.