Let’s face it. Leading a happy life isn’t really possible without getting your daily fix of milk. No seriously, think about it. No coffee, no chai , no kheer , no chocolate milkshakes… Phew! It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? But have you ever thought about the crazy amount of effort that goes into processing your beloved fuel for life. Well, sit down and pour yourself a glass because this is going to take a while:

1. Every day, approximately about 55,00,000 liters of milk is procured for Delhi NCR alone!

You read that correctly. FIFTY FIVE LAKH liters! And that is just for the consumption of Delhi NCR!

2. Which is then carefully transported, through insulated milk tankers, to dairy units for the pasteurization / sterilization process in a matter of hours!

Timing here is key.

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3. From the beginning till the end, milk is tested and evaluated in 4 stages.

So a batch of milk undergoes more tests in a day than students do in an entire year!And it doesn’t end here. The milk goes through many more rounds of quality checks, without ever coming in contact with a human hand.

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4. Milk also undergoes pasteurization. A miraculous process that turns nature’s health drink into nature’s super clean health drink.

This is done through heating, holding, and quick cooling, in a matter of less than 60 seconds, depending on the process. We bet you took longer than that to read the article.

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5. In all its stages of quality checks, the milk NEVER comes in contact with a single human hand, from collection center to consumer.

The Pasteurized milk is absolutely hygienic and safe.

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6. Once the product meets its quality check standards, the milk that has made it through is sought into categories and sent for packaging under hygienic and sterile conditions, based on the packaging and shelf life requirements.

Don’t like full cream? There’s always skimmed, toned, and so many more variants to choose from.

Source: Financial Express

7. The milk is now ready to be delivered at your doorstop by people who work round the clock to make this possible, every single day.

You might not get the newspaper on one particular day, but that’s not possible when it comes to milk. Milk processing has no holidays.

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The milk is all set to make it to your homes, fridge, kitchen, chai, sweets, and so on.The possibilities are endless!


Source: You Queen

Isn’t all this all totally unbelievable? Well, I didn’t believe all this either, until I saw it all first-hand at the Mother Dairy Plant, and now I believe and respect this long arduous process. So much goes into a simple glass of milk and we take it all for granted. Want to see all the action happen in front of your own eyes? Book a visit to the Mother Dairy Plant and tweet your experience with #iBelieve . After all #SeeingIsBelieving .