It’s a battle that’ll rage on for decades to come.The Android phones vs iPhone rivalry is one which you just can’t escape. Some switch sides in the middle of the war. Some stay loyal and fight till the end. But you can’t deny the hostility between the two groups. A while back we did an article on things that iPhone users say. So this time, we’re focusing on the other group. So, here you go. Here are 10 things Android users say to iPhone users.

1. “I would never be able to enjoy videos on such a small screen. You know what they say, size matters.”

2. “8 MP Camera? That’s it? I had 8 MP on my phone two years back.”

3. “You have to pay for games and apps? Ha! Dude! Seriously?”

4. “I never have trouble finding a charger even if I’ve left mine at home.”

5. “iOs? That’s quite a sad name for an OS, don’t you think? We’ve got KitKat, IceCream Sandwich, JellyBean.”

6. “Now that Steve Jobs is no more, it’s only a matter of time before iPhone goes out of fashion.”

7. “Android is the future. We’ve got the Google technology behind us, baby!”

8. “Google Maps kicks iPhone Maps’ ass any day!”

9. “Wait, you have to go to iTunes, then download an app, clip your ringtone, transfer it to your phone, then make it your ringtone? I just download a ringtone and set it as my ringtone. It takes about 5 seconds.”

10. “You’re kidding right? You can’t directly download videos on to your iPhone? And you paid how much for this phone again?”