Some of us absolutely adore animals. In fact, if we had to make a choice between a friend and a pet, we would not hesitate in picking the pet. We love them for their company and for how cute they can be, but most of all, for how our love is returned tenfold.

This article is for all of you who love animals. Here are 18 points that describe you best:

1. Your Facebook profile pictures and cover photos feature a lot of animals.

2. You frequently get animal-related questions/calls.

3. You’ve been to the vet more times than to your own doctor.

4. A big chunk of your salary is spent on pet food and other accessories.

Your shopping includes a lot of visits to various pet stores.

5. You never leave home for too long.

Because there are animals waiting at home that need your attention, love and food.

6. People are scared to visit you because of the animals you have at your place.

7. When someone else is making an outstation trip, their animals are always dropped off at your place.

8. You bring abandoned animals home.

You also end up fostering animals.

9. Other people’s pets respond to you more than to their owners.

10. You turn into a rage monster whenever you see someone being mean to animals.

11. You have scratches all over your body.

And explaining them to your friends is always weird.

12. Due to the constant petting and playing, you always have animal hair on you.

Wearing black is a total no no for you.

13. You don’t wear fur.

You would rather bare skin than wear skin.

14. You can have meaningful conversation with animals.

Animals are good listeners. They never interrupt you.

15. Your pets have a wardrobe of their own.

16. Your favourite channels are Animal Planet, National Geographic and Discovery.

17. You have a lot of beds, cages, chew toys, collars, leashes, harnesses, and other accessories lying around at home.

18. You respect the SPCA and PETA for their work.