Whatsapp is one such invention that has helped us connect more with the world, if Facebook wasn’t helping us enough already. But it isn’t like it is not devoid of its weird genres of people. We bring you some of the common pests (read people) of this social app that we all have come across at one or the other point of time.

1. Constant Updaters : Giving out ‘so-not-needed’ updates of their life, these people are especially lethal if they end up being on your group chat!

2. Group Adders : This kind keeps adding you to every random college, school, sport, or every other group you don’t really care about.

3. DP Stalkers : The ones who constantly ping you about your latest DP, ergo, The DP stalkers (and it isn’t like you DP update comes as a FB post on their wall or something.)

4. Newly Whatsapping Relatives : This kind has the energy of 100 hyper-active babies combined. They constantly send religious text and photos and expect you to download them and appreciate them as well.

5. The DP Dissecting Relatives : These are the snoopy kinds who will constantly harass you till you reveal the identity of each member of the opposite sex who has appeared in you dp.

6. The Fraaandsip Seekers : I mean I don’t even know why they try?! There is an option called ‘block’, you know.

7. Emoticon Respondents: They will emoticon your every question, query, life problem, mental disorder, etc. So much so that you start doubting their vocabulary skills after a while.

8. Chain Messagers : Well we forgot that Watsapp is free, ergo, more fun for stupid people. So these people, with their constant barrage of chain messages and long 6-7 page stories, will never stop harassing you.

9. Last Seen Stalkers : For the finale…The one thing that Watsapp should not have included is this feature as now it is competing with FB for creating problems among lovers!