Rape is on the rise. No matter what we say, no matter what we do, we simply don’t move forward. Ever stopped to wonder why? We talk about things but that clearly has no effect. Police all around the world are helpless. So where exactly are we going wrong?

Recently, I stumbled upon an article talking about an anti-rape device. An old report, of course, but it got me thinking? Why, out of the blue, are we talking about it? Maybe because we really need to understand how useless they truly are!

Let’s rewind a little bit. In 2010, this anti-rape product called R ape-aXe a.k.a. female condom with “teeth” was launched:

Objective: To prevent rape.

Usage: To be worn like a tampon.

Issues: Must be worn when outside. If there is a forceful intercourse, the penis gets locked in and the only way to remove this tampon-like thing is by undergoing surgery.

You can read more about it here .

And here are some more (absurd) products, like this anti-rape necklace:


And this vending machine disguise:


And how can we forget ‘the hairy legs’?


Or the anti-molestation jacket created by National Institute of Fashion Technology, India, meant to ‘shock’ people making unwanted advances?


Now, tell me, what’s the point of making these things? Do you see anything changing?

I’m sure most of us don’t use them. Some of us probably don’t even know about their existence. What’s interesting is this report from CNN where the creator of the female condom with “teeth” said this to justify the product:

“Yes, my device may be a medieval, but it’s for a medieval deed that has been around for decades,” she said. “I believe something’s got to be done … and this will make some men rethink before they assault a woman.”

So basically, this doctor expects us to wear something like this at all times. And, of course, expect rape-advances, otherwise how will this product be of any use?


The concept of creating products to tackle rape is problematic in itself. Here’s why:

Firstly, they are very uncomfortable for women to put on.

Secondly, they don’t address our socio-cultural problems which play a larger role in rape.

Thirdly, the need for a product just to keep safe, especially one so absurdly designed, is very, very frustrating to hear about.

Why should we be made to carry an extra load which probably won’t even help in the time of need?

It’s high time we resort to some real solutions. Products like these are only made for commercial gain, to fool us. They’re absolutely useless. In fact, even drawing out a pepper spray or a Swiss knife takes time and a lot can happen in the process.

Why can’t we just inculcate some knowledge, some respect and a whole lot of humanity to begin with instead of making these ‘anti-rape devices’?